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Why do companies ignore the best fingerprint sensor status? | news

Why do companies ignore the best fingerprint sensor status?

sony xperia side fingerprint-800x450

Every mobile phone you get today from the economic category to the flagship, all have a in one part of the body (yes, exceptionally, like the ).

The most popular places to put the fingerprint sensor or down is the display, or behind the phone, under the camera and the (sometimes beside them).Most mobile phones follow this trend, and now in the new generation of displays, the sensor is to be moved below the display to overcome the problem of additional patches.

But we have forgotten a position that is probably the best one, and it can be the most appropriate choice from a different point of view: placing fingerprints on the sides of the body.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of putting fingerprint sensors in this part of the device and why companies do not use this trick? You will receive the following question.


There is no effect on the design or margin of the display and it is fast

Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner camera-600×337
Samsung Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner camera

The fingerprint sensor does not occupy the space used in the side space and is located where no other use is made of it. Removing the fingerprint sensor, moving it to the back of the device, moving it into the display is all compromise choices. Having a display that has a large part on the front of the monitor is a beauty for the mobile phone, and the fingerprint sensor occupies the full access space from the side that does not require a change in the design of the device.

It’s also faster and easier with other apps, and it’s easier to work with. As with the sensors below, the display does not require more time to detect and unlock.

Your finger is always on it

razer phone review aa 4 of 36-600×337
razer phone review aa 4 of 36

Has a natural place. The fingerprint sensor on the edges means quick access, since your finger to hold the mobile in your hand is always there. No trouble will be created when combined with the power button. Even when your phone is on the table, you can unlock it without lifting the phone, finger or other fingers.

You will never lose it

lg g7 thinq hands on aa 24 of 49-600×337
lg g7 thinq hands on aa 24 of 49

You may want to put your phone to the viewer on the floor, or you may want to call or call back for a while, to avoid spamming notifications and calls.

Depending on the fingerprint sensor on the back or front, in one of these two modes, the sensor is inaccessible.So you must first remove it and then unlock it. It does not always have to happen. Even when the sensor is in the back, your finger may not be easy to find, and in some cases, like the Galaxy S8, it can be troublesome for the camera.

Putting the sensor on the side of the mobile also solves these simple challenges, and in the best possible way for you.


Sony never makes use of it

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Review 7-600×337
Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact Review 7

Sony was the leading company that chose this decision and used side fingerprint sensor. There were a lot of mistakes and errors in the production of Xperia products, which was not one of the fingerprint sensor. However, Sony’s latest mobile phones are powered by a back scanner. So, only Razer von and companies have been left with the choice.

Sony’s role in the popularity of the sensor sensor could have been effective if they did not decide to take sensors in the United States. It is not clear why a decision to appear in the US market, but we know that the issue was related to the issue of patents. But it’s strange why just the United States?

However, such an adventure has caused the massive US market to never experience side fingerprint sensor.That’s why you see fewer people talking about it all over the internet.

samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint-sensor scanner security-600×337
samsung galaxy s5 fingerprint-sensor scanner security

Mobiles are becoming thinner than ever before, so the fingerprint sensor on the sides of the device is thinner than the front or rear sensor. So the possibility of an error also increases because the smaller part of your finger is placed on the sensor.

Research at the University of Michigan and New York also acknowledges this concern. By making a special fingerprint they managed to unlock mobiles in up to 65% of the time.

According to researchers, the small size of fingerprint sensors can increase the number of false alarms.

MNML red Pixel 2XL case04-600×400
MNML red Pixel 2XL case04

The next weakness is not technical, but it’s still a challenge: the frames and protective cases. Those who have the Xperia smartphones have fingerprint sensors have repeatedly reported having trouble opening and using a fingerprint sensor when they use the protective frame for their phone.

The available outdoor space alongside the fingerprint sensor is largely low and the finger does not fit well. The more expensive frames, although they have tried to resolve this challenge, are still being heard in a variety of reports.

What do you think is the best fingerprint sensor position for mobile phones and why? Would you like to locate your next fingerprint sensor next?

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