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What are the fundamentals of smart search on Google? | news
fundamentals of smart search on Google-800x450

Google manages billions of searches on a daily basis, but how many of them find exactly the same results that they were looking for? Definitely, it’s impossible to find the answer, but did you know that there are many tools and tricks that you can help you achieve better results while searching on Google?

Here are some simple but useful tricks for this purpose.Accompany us

The basics


When you turn on a , the results of all the groups are displayed by default, which sometimes amounts to millions of numbers (of course, if not several billion). One of the most basic and easiest ways to reduce the number of search results in Google is to specify the type of result that you want displayed. For this purpose, you need to select one from the various groups, including news, videos, maps, photos, books, and other options.

In addition to the above, you can use the Tools option to access other filters based on the type of selection you choose.For example, if you select the Images option, in the Tools menu you can access options like Size, Color, and some of this type.


Desktop users who seek to refine their search results can also use the Advanced Search option or the Advanced tab, which is just inside the Settings tab. This option has two distinct sections.

google advanced search

The first option provides you with a set of checkboxes to screen search words in Google, including the original word and the range of words.

You can combine all of these boxes or some of them in the Advanced Search section and keep in mind that some of these options, such as language and file type, are powerful tools for categorizing search results, but others, as they should not be used. .

Advanced Tools and Shortsat

Advanced is great for desktop users, but at the same time it can be a buggy system that does not offer all the options available to refine results. Otherwise, this method can not be used on mobile devices unless you put your mobile in the desktop display.

Fortunately, Google has provided various shortcuts and tricks to find the best results in the shortest possible time that you can use on all platforms. For this purpose, you just need to know the relevant symbols. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The most accurate equivalent

You can use the quotes (“”) to look for the most accurate words and phrases. In that case, those phrases will certainly appear in Google search results in the same way.

google search exact match-840x473
google search exact match-840×473

Use the distance or negative line to avoid having a word in your search results.

google search exclude-1-840x472
google search exclude-1-840×472

If you are looking for a specific term but do not remember one or more words, use the star sign (*). This method is most often used when looking for a name for a movie, book or a particular song. You can also use this method to search for other forms of words (for example, if you search for “Phone *” you can access other results like smartphones, telephones, mobile phones, etc.).

google search wildcard-1-840x472
google search wildcard-1-840×472

Use the word Or to combine the two items to search and achieve a single result.

google search or-1-840x473
google search or-1-840×473
Synonym words

Use the Tilde icon before the phrase to get results that contain search terms synonyms.

Numerical range

To search for a numerical range between two numerical values ​​of two points. Now, if you put these two points between monetary icons, you can specify a price range for your search results.

google search number range-840x472
google search number range-840×472
, ,

If you already know where your search result is likely to be, you can restrict the result to the URL, headline, or text content of the site with the help of these words: inurl :, intitle :, intext.

google search intitle-840x471


File type

If you are looking for a specific type of file, then just type the file: File it to display just the same results (for example, PDF, Doc, MP3).

google search file type-840x472
google search file type-840×472

Reach based on the type of site

Did you know that other than the internal search tool for websites, there is another way to find the content in their content?

If you are looking for a specific result on a website, just enter the phrase: Site in the Google search box, so that the results are merely unique to the site you are typing after. You can also use the phrase: info to get more information about a website, or with the help of: Cache the cached version of it.

google search site-840x472
google search site-840×472

In addition to the above, you can find the link: Linke to any other website that has a link URL. You can also find, by using the phrase: Related, any other website that covers related topics.

Instant Answers and Toolbox

Google itself is a very smart cookie because in some cases, without having to click on a link, the answer to your questions is displayed.

Be sure to see the various boxes shown above your search results. The cadres are like this, and some are very useful, and some are merely entertainment. Simply search for the phrase animal noises to find out.

These immediate responses are actually texts that have been adapted from various websites to be used to answer common questions. Some of these responses are displayed in a single frame and some include a drop-down list of questions and answers.

google search instant answers-840x472
google search instant answers-840×472

Although this method is very useful and useful, it is recommended to carefully review the results of the answer and the source before citing, since Google algorithms are not always invisible.

But what Google’s professional craftsmen like most are interactive custodians that can be called with the help of certain phrases. These tools are sometimes so useful that you do not need to open a particular application to access them and Google does it for you. We will share some of the best features of this group with you.


Type the phrase calculator or an equation in the search box to display the Google Calculator. It’s interesting to know that there are also special calculators for tip calculator.

google search calculator-840x472
google search calculator-840×472


Unit conversion

Use this structure to convert units to one another: [unit 1] to [unit 2]. You can use this method to convert units such as money, weight, time, etc.

google search for Unit conversion-504 × 337
google search for Unit conversion-504 × 337
Timer and Stopwatch

To set the timer on Google, you can type the Timer text in the search box and place the time you want later. If you need a stopwatch, just type Stopwatch instead of the timer.

google search Timer-603 × 337
google search Timer-603 × 337

Check the time of flights

See the direct information about entering and leaving flights in the United States only by searching for airline names and flight numbers

google search Check the time of flights-449 × 337
google search Check the time of flights-449 × 337
Upside down image

This option is used when you have an image and want to learn more about it.

google search reverse image-600×337
google search reverse image-600×337

In a mobile device, for the reverse of the reverse, just select an image in the Chrome application. Select the photo and hold your finger on it, then choose Search Google for this image from the menu (or search for this image on Google).

Desktop users just right-click on a picture in Chrome or Firefox, or they paste the image URL into the image search box.

Google’s search engine is one of the most useful tools on the World Wide Web, which has great functionality both on the desktop and on the mobile. This tool will undoubtedly continue to grow, and it is expected that new features and tricks are expected to take place on a regular basis. If you also have an interesting trick in this, let’s share with us.

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