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Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018 | news

Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018

Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018-800x400

at has been astonishing for many video enthusiasts. In the following article, we read Eurogamer’s site that Nathieh Doug as the game maker has used the new technology to build the title, and whether the final version of the game will remain on the trailer.

How much innovation and new technologies can be implemented on the current generation console hardware?Sony was waiting for the titles of the game to begin with the launch of the E3 2018, and the Last of Us Part 2 was at the center of attention. This title was great as you might expect.

From the details of the characters to the pivot of the environment, all represent the point that the game is taking place with great precision. But if you look more closely at the , there are some remarkable new technologies in the trailer. In our view, animation and interaction with the environment are two points that separate The Last of Us Part 2 from other titles.

What’s revealed by the trailer immediately is the animation of the animations that can not be found on the market, as far as some people think that the show is not something to play with.

Of course, Nathie Doug’s studio has a rich background in backing the boundaries, and this issue can be seen in the various sections of The Chart And The Last of Us. But it’s obvious that the recent view of The Last of Us Part 2 is new and is possible with the use of new technology called .

the last of us part 2 ellie church-593×337
the last of us part 2 ellie church-593×337

Anthony Newman, director of the game on the technology, told , “It’s like science fiction, it seems like you create and prepare hundreds of animations like walking and crawling, and then on a work Which the user or NPCs want to do, select two or three different animations from the ready-made animations and create an unmatched thing alongside. “

Murtault Kurt adds as the other director of the game: “Motion matching technology was previously used by other studios, but we took it and changed it in the style of Nathie Doug. We’ve come up with the performance and speed of what was already happening in the very animated and animated animations of the series. “

So what makes the motion matching technology special? In the traditional Motion Capture mode, actors wearing dresses run any number of moves that are needed in the game.Animators take this information and turn it into actionable animations in the game. A few lines ago, a general summary of the manufacturing method was very intriguing, but the main point is that such a process requires the production of a large number of natural animations.

The idea behind motion-matching technology is to make better results while simplifying the production process. The main task of this technology is to receive data from the body scan tool and transfer it to a database that the game can choose based on the movements that the user does.

These data are continually being analyzed by the data center for the proper animation, while the combination between them occurs at the same time. Because this technology is the key to interactive experience, it’s better to use than old animations.

Meanwhile, Nathie Doug is not the first team to use motion-matching technology to build his own, and Ubisoft’s For Honor game has been designed in this way, and Nathie’s approach to using it has evolved. For example, in the game trailer, there are no signs of jumping animations, and it’s just the natural world that Nathie Dodge made.

This approach also influences the diversity and realism of the movements and the type of walking in the demo that we saw in 2018 E3. Also, in different parts of the E3 trailer, The Last of Us Part 2, various jumping animations are shown, which seem to vary depending on the circumstances of that time and position. Elie also shows her excitement by putting her hand on the car hiding behind it. This scene is likely to be possible by determining the distance between the object (machine) and the selected animation (hands).

The Last of Us Part II-599×337
The Last of Us Part II-599×337

Also, the newest trailer of this title will showcase the example of the body members of the characters during the campaign.Elly raises his bow and arrows it, and when it’s ready to look like blood, it slowly hides it.

The Last of Us Part 2 has two separate Crouch and Dodge booths and it can be imagined that this will require a lot of animations, which is a serious challenge to motion-matching technology.

The demo shows these movements as incredibly as possible and unbelievably, and there is no movement between the two animations. We will be surprised to see how doing such a thing in gameplay is possible while controlling the main character and what predefined moves. Nathieu’s staff emphasizes the efficiency of this system without any problems, and so we must hope for it.

Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018-599×337
Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018-599×337

The entire system is based on the fact that it simulates the reality by selecting and modifying successive games recorded in databases, and by looking at the demo of the E3 game, one can find out how well this system works; As far as possible, some of these important simulations can be completely ignored. For example, death animations of enemies controlled by artificial intelligence are perfectly integrated, and the consequences of injury when they harbor behind the wall are well and in their face, such as pure fears, while they are preparing for killing. , Is visible.

Violence in the The Last of Us series has always been brutal.This emotional connection is something Nathie Doug has been struggling to accomplish and devoting a lot of time and technology, and if the demo E3 is a dramatic show of the final version, we will be faced with a stunning and hard emotional experience. .

The game demo also shows other important elements that Nathiege is working on. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in such a title, and team collaboration between characters controlled by the is more realistic than the past.

Enemies estimate the game as a specific area as the user’s site. They also interact with each other and notify each other when they are searching for a search.

Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018-732×337
Was the Last of Us Part 2 demo on real E3 2018-732×337

The enemies have a believable and decent performance in the form of a team, and it should be seen whether this mechanic will be successful in the final version of the game. The first part of The Last of Us did almost anything that was promised in its first show, but did not appear in the field of artificial intelligence.

How about rendering? This is where Nathie Dodge gleams, and The Last of Us Part 2 will not disappoint you. It is clearly clear that the systems and technologies used in the Anchortas 4, such as lighting, reflecting objects and how they interact with the environment, have been enhanced. Details of the models are not separate from this. It seems that game makers have come to the conclusion that it’s not only great graphics to transfer their experience from gaming to users, it’s not enough.

The Last of Us Part 2 game trailer is not just about rendering a pseudo-real world, and this is where users can believe in their presence in that world and drown in it. This demo is fantastic and we can not wait more than the final game to offer the great promise it has shown.


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