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Users of Microsoft and Nintendo are playing together; Sony vacant [watch] | news

Users of Microsoft and Nintendo are playing together; Sony vacant [watch]


Microsoft, with the release of the new trailer, once again featured the ability to play Xbox and Xbox users on the Nintendo Switch. The trailer was released while Sony was not allowed to play simultaneously with users with the console owners of both Microsoft and Nintendo.

The new update to the new game, in fact, is a whole new game, in addition to the Xbox and Xbox, it’s free for Windows 10 users, Nintendo switches, OOS and Android.

This is not the first time that users of the Microsoft and Nintendo consoles can play with each other, and such capabilities already existed in titles such as the Rocket and Fortinite.

These days the experience of the platform has become a heated debate among video game users. After the Fortune Teller for the Nintendo Switch , it became clear that users who previously had an account on PlayStation 4 would not be able to use it on the Nintendo Hybrid Console. Also, users of PlayStation 4 (or any other game) can not play with the users of the switch and .

With criticisms from Sony, the Japanese company released a new statement on the issue:

“We always try to respect the wishes of our users and do something to make them enjoy the experience of the games. Fortnight is considered to be a real free-to-play experience, an important name for PlayStation 4 users.With 79 million consoles sold and 80 million monthly active users on the PlayStation Network, we’ve built a large user community that gamers can do in any other game with Foreinight or any other online game. We also have the experience of the game with Windows users, Macs, Android and iOS, so that PlayStation 4 users can play even more gamers on other platforms. “

That gamers all over the world can play with each other regardless of what platform they are, is an attractive feature that Sony still does not support. what is your opinion? Why does Sony specifically prevent gaming with PlayStation 4 holders with Microsoft and Nintendo consoles?


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