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Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held with 100% renewable energy | news

ecently, the Tokyo Committee has announced that the tournament is scheduled to take place using .

In addition, the committee announced that using certain services, approximately 99% of the products of the tournament could be recycled or re-used. So if these promises come true, the cleanest will take place on Earth and will be of great help in protecting the environment.

Olympic 2020 Tokyo Singapore Microsoft Solae
Singapore Microsoft Solae

According to the officials of the tournament, the Olympic Principles will trigger sudden attacks of thousands of athletes and fans in a city to settle there. This causes a lot of waste to be generated at the venue.

The committee therefore has tried to make a difference of 100% in , with the priority being given to recycling and environmental issues with previous years. They hope that they will be the founder of the massive changes in the next match with their own changes, and will attract the attention of the community to environmental protection.

Olympic 2020 Tokyo green tech

According to officials, the main center of the competition, the international and urban broadcasting center where the athletes will reside, will use fully renewable energy and thus their electricity will be supplied. Japan, for the time being, has taken great steps to provide renewable energy. With the activities of installing solar panels along the road, the country is capable of accomplishing this goal.

Japan, in addition to installing solar panels, is planning to buy a lot of renewable energy from its manufacturing company, so that it can only succeed in its goal of holding Olympics using renewable energy.

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