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Time Battle: Ability to record ultra-slow videos in today's flagship | news
How to use slow-motion video capture Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus-800 × 450

is always attractive, even if it’s a scene of everyday life like blowing a balloon or pouring jam on a cake. So it’s not surprising that the world’s largest manufacturers have made it possible to record ultra-slow videos on their recent flagships. Of course, smartphones have long been capable of recording slow-motion video at 120 or 240 frames per second, but this does not seem to be enough to create a surprise in the user.

Hardware changes

Mobile manufacturers have increased the number of recordable frames per second to 960 frames in the last couple of years by modifying the camera sensor of their products. For example, has unveiled the new ISOCELL module on the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus ( Digital Review). To date, Samsung’s modules have been made up of two layers; the CMOS camera sensor and the electronic circuits located on the bottom.


But in the new module, we see a change that makes ultra-slow motion possible. Korean company ISOCELL Fast 2L3 added a as a third layer to the previous set and increased the speed of electronic circuits by four times. Now the device can record 960 frames per second instead of 240 frames and create a 6 second video for an instant for 0.2 seconds.

Earlier in 2017, Sony has been able to capture 960fps ultra-slow video recording on the Xperia XZ Premium (  ). A little later, Samsung joined the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus ( DigiTo review ) into a Japanese rival, and then Huawei entered the P20 Peru ( DigiTo review ).

How to implement

Of course, there is a difference between how this feature is implemented by each company. For example, XZ Premium can capture ultra-slow video with Full HD resolution, while Samsung and Huawei flags do it at HD resolution. Instead, Samsung’s flagship record captures videos more easily.Enough Super Slo-Mo mode and take the camera to the subject.

When the subject is in the middle of the screen, the device automatically detects motion and records a 0.2 second video.This clip eventually turns into a slow-moving 6-second video. If you want, you can continue to record video. The device can record up to 20 scenes at a time in one video at a time.

On the flagship of Huawei and Sony, there’s no self-operation, and you yourself should press the shutter button right at the right moment. But doing so is not easy to say, and many times it happens that due to a few tenths of a sigh, you lose the scene you want.

But from the definitions that go away, it’s time to watch some ultra-slow video clips that are recorded with the Galaxy S9 Plus and show the performance of the device in the real world.In these videos, we see some of the daily routines that do not attract much attention in the normal way, but seeing these happening slowly can be a lot fun and entertaining.

The allows you to slowly edit or place music after recording your videos, as they are by default videos on a part that is slowly recording without sound.

Hours of fun with everyday happenings

But as the video is clear, the better the light and the closer the subject is, the more attractive the final result. If the subject’s movement is high, it’s possible that sometimes you will have difficulty focusing precisely. However, it should be noted that this feature has recently been added to the mobile world and is still in the early stages of development, so it is expected to get better. Huawei, for example, recently announced plans to add the ability to record ultra-slow videos automatically (like what the Samsung flagship does) with the software update to the P20 Pro.

It used to be a very expensive professional equipment for recording too slowly, but now with just a modern flagship phone, you can easily create cool videos and play long time with the same everyday things around us. If your smartphone is capable of recording a slow-motion video, do you use this feature to record what scenes?

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