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The war is about the future of the iPhone; Tim Cook is inevitably a politician | news
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Timothy Donald Cook, our own Cook team, maybe the most valuable leader in the world, but he has recently been forced to take on the role of a technologically advanced diplomat to keep his company away from the crackdown on trade between the United States and China. In this article, we want to take on the role of this world-class technology leader in pacifying the situation between the two superpowers.

Tim Cook last month went to the White House to warn Tramp that the clash with China would endanger Apple’s position in the country. He invited the two superpowers peacefully in Beijing a couple of months ago to make things worse.

Apple and Mr Cook have lost a lot in commercial and technical rigging between the United States and China. With 41 official stores and hundreds of millions of iPhone devices sold annually in China, no American company has succeeded in the size of Apple in the Land of the Red Dragon, and naturally nobody feels as risky as any of them.

When Cook received Apple in 2011 from Steve Jobs, there was always a question in the minds of enthusiasts about whether 57-year-old Tim Cook could repeat Jobs Magic.Apple’s current CEO, however, chose magic of geography instead of turning up new and revolutionary gadgets such as the iPod and iPhone: presence in the Land of the Red Dragon.

Thanks to Mr Cook’s leadership, Apple’s business in China has become a relative success to the great empire, which earns about $ 50 billion annually, accounting for roughly a quarter of the company’s total revenue from around the world. This achievement comes at a time when China is putting more control over the Internet on the Internet every day and pushing American technology giants out one after the other.

Trump promises that the tariff does not include the iPhone

The Tramp government now says it has imposed new customs duties on Chinese goods worth more than $ 250 billion, the Chinese have put up counter-parties, and Apple is stuck in the middle. Of course,  that tariffs would not be included on the iPhone, products produced in China.However, three well-informed sources close to Apple that did not want to be named, say Apple is concerned about China’s countermeasures and their negative impact on their business.

Apple is afraid that “China’s bureaucratic machine will flow” and the Chinese government, with the imposition of power in the supply chain, has difficulty delivering the components, or under the pretext of national security concerns, the company’s products are in the process of long inspection and supervision Put up Apple has already experienced this situation, while at the moment, Ford’s cars are also being discharged with significant delay from Chinese ports.

Apple, on the other hand, fears that casualties will be confronted with the regulatory and legal institutions of the two countries. You know that the sale of China’s hi-tech mobile phones and equipment to Huawei is almost banned, and maybe that’s the case for Apple’s products in China.

TimCook Apple China-2
TimCook Apple China-2

Apple executives and US lobbies in Beijing and Washington, led by Mr. Cook, are monitoring the two sides. In a project between the employees of the iPhone maker Foxconn and inspired by the color of the Chinese Communist Party, known as Red Apple, they have established a strong relationship with Chinese President Xi Jin Ping. Meanwhile, Mr Cook always travels to the White House to convey to the US president a commercial war for the economy, and especially for Apple, it’s bad.

Tim Cook, who is somewhat Chinese (Mandarin), has been present at the most important political events in China alongside Mr. Shee. Just days after the Chinese Communist Party boosted Mr. Shi’s position to Mao’s side, Cook was also attended by American and Chinese executive executives to talk about innovating and reforming business structures.

Subsequently, Tim Cook went to the World Wide Web Conference in China and met with Wang Huning, a member of the ruling party and ideologue of the authoritarian structure. In March, she also held an important meeting with policy makers and business leaders in China.

TimCook Apple China-3
TimCook Apple China-3

Tim Cook cites China’s presence as a way to create “change from within” in the country. He said in the end of last year:

Each country has its own rules and regulations. Now you have to choose to be in the scene or surrender, go to the sidelines and criticize the situation. We decided to enter the scene, because nothing changes from the outside.

Together with these political actions in China, Tim Cook has spent a lot of time in Washington’s power corridors. He met with Tramp last month and his senior economic adviser, Larry Kadlow. The meeting began with the accolades of new tax laws that benefit large American technology companies, and Apple’s promise of a $ 350 billion investment in the US economy over the next five years was spoken.

Apple CEO Trump explained that the trade war with China would undermine the new tax rules in the United States, since tariffs would ultimately affect the price of products, and that the end-user should pay this. After the end of the meeting, Kadllo told reporters:

Mr Cook offered good suggestions and showed that he was in love with tax cuts. He promised the president that Apple was committed to building a factory, building campuses of technology, creating jobs and significant economic investments in the United States.

Tim Cook China-4
Tim Cook China-4

Unlike the Obama administration, Tim Cook, in contrast to the Obama administration, has a very good relationship with members of the Trump Cabinet and has held several meetings with senior members of the current government, among them, in addition to Kudlau, there can be Secretary of the Treasury Steven Manucin (Secretary of the Treasury) and Wilber Ross ) Cited.

Apple CEO hopes to use the White House’s internal disagreement over China’s war on its own. Jane Manster, a senior Apple analyst in this regard, says:

Cook courageously talks with the Trump government, as there is probably no other company that is likely to be affected by the US-China trade warfare and tariffs.

Since the United States has targeted one of China’s largest technology companies, ZTE, for targeting violations of sanctions against Iran and North Korea, China’s range of countermeasures has widened. Of course, as you know, Tramp’s government has fallen from its rigid stance and fined $ 1 billion in cash and the presence of a US observer at ZTE [a  ].

Now, with the complication of the other Chinese telecommunications giants Huawei, we will probably see more intense reactions from Chinese authorities. This year, after a long time, the big American operator AT & T had to offer Huawei phones to its customers, but the US Congress prevented it.

At the same time, Apple has signed a good deal with China’s largest telecom operator, China Mobile, and is linked with more than 900 million Chinese users through the operator. The competition for mobile sales in China is getting harder every day, and Chinese companies are launching low-priced flagship handsets.

However, Cook’s team does not take that easy. After abrupt withdrawal from iTunes Mvviz and iBooksStore in 2016, he would travel with the country so that Apple’s other revenue-generating services would not end up.

Apple has invested several research and development centers in China to attract local officials, has invested $ 1 billion in the Didi subscription service and has a direct manager for China, which is directly linked to Cook itself. Is. This post is owned by Isabel Ge Mahe, who was born in China.

Tim Cookin China-5
Tim Cookin China-5

The Cupertinoes even came up against China’s strict Chinese law to transfer their information to local servers, and removed some apps, including the New York Times news app from the App Store. Many of these apps provided Chinese users access to blocked sites like Facebook and Twitter.

With all these caveats, Apple is still entitled to fear Chinese revenge. In 2014, the Obama administration will prosecute five Chinese government hackers and bring tensions between the two countries to a new level. In contrast, China’s regulatory regime has delayed the licensing of the iPhone 6 for security reasons, causing significant losses to Apple.

Apple has another leverage to push the Chinese government: China’s interest in its products. Chinese users, however, are also interested in Google and Facebook, and have been forced to leave because of the country’s circumstances.Therefore, China’s retaliation may be forcing China to leave the country in the context of the US-US trade battle. As Mr Garfield, chairman of the IT industry council in the United States, says the Chinese government has boundaries for itself, and Mr. Object and the National People’s Party (Kumington) will decide on their own.

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