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The game Agony an endless doom | news

The game Agony an endless doom

Agony game-599×337

plays the role of a sinner who has fallen into the depths of hell. Interesting game makers also fall into the game’s infernal development, and by presenting a bad game, you will end up with an inexhaustible torment, which is also evident from its name.

From controlling characters to stage design and game lighting, everyone is terribly annoying for you during this game. Although Agony had good displays before the release, it was possible to guess that there was a defect in the gaming section. However, each game should have an opportunity to present itself, but unfortunately, Agony will not be comforting after giving a few hours.

Agony game-800×450

Agony with a brief explanation that you’ve entered hell and you have to look for a red dwarf to escape from it. From the beginning, the thing that gets in tune is very slow and boring characters. Although the creators have been trying to make fun surfing the game by making terrible and disgusting models, they have not succeeded in achieving their goal at all.

After a short time, the game environment is repeated for you, and your gut feeling is lost. Add these issues to the player’s very slow motion, which even catches some invisible objects to see how much at the very first minute.

Speaking from the first 15 minutes of the game; another thing that will be very annoying early will be the lighting of the environment. Sometimes the light of the game gets so low that you can not even see where you are going or what’s under your feet. Acceptable is that a scary style should have its own dark and special lighting, but not so much that it can not even be seen at the front.

Agony game-800×450
Agony game-800×450

With some progress in the game, you will be faced with the mechanisms that the developers have been considering for the gameplay; slide and solve puzzles. In bad and wrong way, these two main mechanisms can be talked for a long time. Consider the bad character control and stuck on the invisible objects that were said; add it to the situation that you are fleeing from a devil’s hell.

Not bad enough? I must say that this devil can kill you with a blow. In the description of puzzles it is enough that in most of them you should find a few specific objects or draw a figure on the wall to open the door. The definition of the puzzle in the game goes beyond two cases.

Death is a natural occurrence in the game, and it’s not a bad thing that the player may die or even die a lot. Now imagine that in the game a mechanism is created that after a death you become a wandering spirit and you can enter the body of another person.

But the game does not tell you that to capture other characters, you need to remove the purse on their heads. It’s still not a problem because there’s something called checkpoint in the games. But what if the distribution of these checkpoints is inappropriate during the game? For example, in one part of the game, you can reach it in 5 minutes, but elsewhere after 15 minutes you still have not got to checkpoint.

Agony game-800×450
Agony game-800×450

the real meaning of torture and suffering when it places the player in a multi-path environment. The stage design is so bad that you do not know where you are, where you go and what you’re looking for during the game. Even if you see large jaws and stairs consisting of human bodies and other components of the environment that the creators have tried to create creatively, they will not play fun.

During the game, you encounter other people who are stuck in hell like you and you can listen to them. Most of the words they say are futile and time-consuming, which means they have no knowledge or attraction. Design of their faces that do not speak at all and a generation of other games are back. Other graphical elements do not have the same definition. Particles and blood effects all work in very little detail, and there are only those in the game. Even some of the effects of the game have nothing to do with the environment and the world of Agony.

A variety of gameplay options are also included in the game. How to kill these giants is that you walk a little bit so that your devil stumbles on a wall or stays in the wall hole. Then you attack it with a fiery torch and repeat this process again. It’s interesting to know that the fire torch is the only different mechanic in the game; you use torch to open some doors.

Agony game-800×450
Agony game-800×450

Agony is a ridiculous attempt to build a new inferno. Builders seem to focus so much on creating enticing environments that they’ve completely forgot about gameplay and playability. Sounding the character of the game and the narrator is not so good, the graphics play despite all the propaganda of the new generation, and the story does not hurt. Playing Agony can be a great lesson for gamers: How to play badly.

+ New Design and Disgusting Hell’s Environment
– Bad lighting and ambient darkness
– Poor face design
– Nonsense gameplay
– Unbalanced distribution of checkpoints
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