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The 10 countries that have the most destitute and weakest units in the world | news

Do you know the world’s least valuable and weakest units of money? These days the economic problems and the depreciation of the riyal against the dollar have endangered the lives and economies of the Iranian people. Dollar and gold prices drop out of control and due to the ever-increasing influx of people to convert their assets into these two, and of course, the role of brokers and profiteers, we are seeing a rise in prices for dollars, gold and coins in the spring of freedom in the market so that the price of each The dollar on the black and informal market reached $ 9,000, while the official dollar rate set by the central bank was $ 4,200.

Thus, in recent months we have witnessed an unprecedented depreciation of the Rial against the dollar, and subsequently the value of our national currency against other currencies has fallen the same. In addition to the reasons given and the lack of management and, of course, the rents and sabotage of those who benefit from the growth of the exchange rate, the main reason for this is the weakening of the rial and the overestimation of the excessive rise in prices in Different sectors have followed. Regrettably, the rial is one of the least valuable and weakest units of the world’s money, although the currency known in Iran is not really rial but Ruman.

While we hope that the curtailment of the Rial’s value and the rise in the price of the currency will be resolved in a way with general guidance and assistance, then we intend to name you with the 10th monetary unit of the world’s worst and weakest monetary units in 2018. Have come to get to know It should be noted, however, that until recently Bolivar of Venezuela, with a value of 2,200,000 Bolivars compared to each dollar, was the most devaluable currency in the world, due to the elimination of several 3 times zero of this currency and supply of Bolivar New, its name is not listed on this list. The Venezuelan economy is experiencing an unbalanced inflation and the value of its national currency has dropped several hundred percent in just a few years. It should be noted that the rates of these currencies against the dollar have been set to July 4, 1397 and may change slightly during the day or in the coming days.

1- Rial of Iran

$ 1 = 42.515 Rials (official rate)

$ 1 = about 90,000 Rials (informal rate)

In recent years, our country has always been subject to international sanctions, and in the years after the revolution 57, the value of the rial has been diminished.Thus, over the past few decades, and especially in recent years, the pace of this trend has increased, and in the last month, given the withdrawal of the United States from the international treaty, the real and psychological problems that occur in the marketplace And, of course, profits and disruptions that arise from the lack of authority of the authorities, the value of the rial against foreign currencies has sharply dropped so that the price of the currency is instantly changed and no stability is seen.

The limitation of access to world markets and economic problems due to domestic production weaknesses, improper economic decisions and the withdrawal of foreign companies from the country and the lack of cooperation of foreign banks has caused Iran’s economic conditions to be fragile and more commonplace than ordinary people Someone suffers from this situation. Since oil exports account for most of the country’s revenues, restrictions and barriers to the export of crude oil and the receipt of foreign exchange earnings have added to these problems.

Although in 2016, with the lifting of some international sanctions against Iran, the economic conditions of the country continued to stabilize and improve, but in the last 6 months the situation has deteriorated again, and with the withdrawal of the United States of the future and return Some of the sanctions in the country have led to a wave of overvaluation, inflation and the unprecedented reduction in the value of the national currency, which has made the Rial the weakest currency in the world.

2- Dong Vietnam

$ 1 = 22.888 Dong

Vietnam has not yet succeeded in gaining access to global markets. However, in the past two decades, the major controversy with the United States and the international community has been resolved, and Vietnamese goods have been able to enter the world market more easily. Thus, the Vietnamese national currency is still one of the most weird and weakest units in the world. Even though the government of Vietnam and its economic policies are in the right direction, Dong There is still plenty of ways to become one of the most powerful South-East Asian currencies.

$ 1 = Rs 14.066

Indonesia has a stable and stable economic situation and is one of the most developed countries in Southeast Asia, but its currency is suffering from very low exchange value. Regulatory economic laws and strict control of the government have been developed to boost its value, but all these efforts have led to very few changes in this area, and the Indonesian rupee is still one of the least valuable and weakest units in the world.

4. Guinea Franc

$ 1 = 9.030 francs

Given the high rates of inflation, increasing poverty and widespread corruption and renditions, the African country of Guinea has one of the weakest units in the world, and its people are struggling to deal with livelihood and economic problems. Despite the rich natural resources such as gold mines, precious stones and aluminum in the country, the value of the Guinean franc should be much higher than the current figure.

5. Cape Laos

$ 1 = 8. 415 Cape

Lao Cape is the only currency on the list that has not been diminished over the years, but has been of low value since its inception and entry into the country’s economy. This unit, which was first launched in 1952, has become increasingly powerful and has been able to improve its value against the dollar, although it is still one of the worst and weakest units in the world.

6. Leon Sierra Leone

$ 1 = $ 8,030 Leon

Sierra Leone is one of the poorest African countries, whose weak policies in the economy have made Leon one of the weakest units in the world’s money.Military conflicts and the spread of illness in the past years are also due, and people in the country are struggling with poverty and inflation.

7- Uzbek Third

$ 1 = 7.874 third Uzbek

Since July 1994, on the orders of the Uzbek president, the third modern one as a new unit of Uzbekistan has become one third at the value of 1,000 coupons-3.As a result of the liberalization of monetary policy from September 2017, the third exchange rate against the dollar is at $ 1.899 per dollar, which is sometimes higher.

8. Guarani, Paraguay

$ 1 = 5.673 Guarani

Paraguay is the second poorest country in South America. The economic problems in this country have been growing and catastrophic, with unprecedented inflation, economic corruption, poor quality of education, rising numbers of the poor and high rates of unemployment. Paraguay exports significant quantities of flax and soy every year, but the revenue from these exports can not offset the country’s huge costs, and thus the Guarani currency is one of the worst and weakest monetary units in the world.

9. Cambodian rails

$ 1 = 4. 060 rails

The Cambodian Rail is a monetary unit of the Cambodian kingdom located in South East Asia. The currency was first introduced in 1995 and replaced by the Indochina Dollar. In the past, this currency had a very low exchange rate and was not accepted among the people of the country, so that people used mainly foreign currencies to buy and sell. Currently, a large part of the country’s population uses US dollars in its exchange, which has added to the devaluation of the national currency.

10. Myanmar’s Kayak

1 dollar = 1.385 kyat

Myanmar’s national currency is Myanmar, Qatar. This money will be offered in units of up to 10,000 kits each month and the free sale of the national currency in Myanmar has been banned. There are restrictions on the purchase and sale of foreign currencies, which should not remain in the country for more than 6 months. Nevertheless, Myanmar’s Kyat has the world’s worst and weakest units in the world.

Of course, the Dobra Tomy Monetary Fund belonging to the Saint Thomas and Principal islands in West Africa is valued at 22.691 DUBRA per dollar as well as the Belarusian ruble valued at 20.866 rubles against the dollar of the least valued and weak Most of the world’s currency units were not referred to because of the revaluation of these monetary units.

What is the reason for the devaluation of a country?

In most cases, the economic downturn and internal financial problems caused by weaknesses in governance and corruption lead to a reduction in the value of a single national currency. This leads to a lack of balance between payments and costs and severe inflation. Among other factors, this economic scourge can be seen as waging war, reducing GDP, reducing the value of export commodities, reducing the purchasing power of people, rigorous policy of interest and credit, and political instability within the country.

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