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Take a look at the performance of the Intelligent Scan system on Samsung flagships | news
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Adding a fingerprint sensor to smartphones a couple of years ago prevented users from entering the password to unlock the device. But now, with the face scanning method even becoming unnecessary, you do not even need to look for a fingerprint sensor, just lift the smartphone and place it in front of your face to unlock the device. Samsung has already been able to provide facial and iris scans for its flagship users, but unveiled the ( Digitiv Review ) by combining previous approaches from the Intelligent Scan system. In this article, we want to see what the new Korean method is and what has changed from previous generations.

Previously, in the , you selected one of the fingerprint sensor methods, iris scan, or face scan, and used the same. But in the new flagship the device chooses a combination of all methods depending on the conditions.

If the ambient light is sufficient, the device will use a front-facing camera to make a 2-D map of the user and compare it with the image already in memory. This information is protected by the Samsung Knox system so that no one can access the stored data without the user’s permission.

But in low-light conditions, the Samsung flagship knows that using the front camera can not detect the user’s face well, then goes to the iris scanner first. If it still fails to identify the user, this time it tries to use the body front camera next to the iris scanner and to unlock the device by combining both images.

The Korean company says it has improved the accuracy and performance of the iris scanner and front-facing camera in the flagship of the device so that the device can detect the user’s distances more accurately. Of course, Samsung says that all of this machine-based mechanism is built. In fact, the device is becoming more familiar with your face using the deep learningmethod and improves the accuracy and performance of Intelligent Scan.

In short, using the Intelligent Scan or Smart Scan method increases the speed and precision of unlocking your phone so that the device chooses the best way to identify the user based on the amount of ambient light, and even if this The method was not appropriate, it uses a combination of iris scanning with face scanning to detect the user. Machine learning algorithms are also continually trying to improve the functionality of this feature.

Of course, according to the manufacturer’s explanations, the Intelligent Scan method is more secure than other methods (for example, a fingerprint or password sensor). For example, Samsung itself does not allow you to use Intelligent Scan for Internet payments, while the same is possible with a fingerprint sensor. But there’s no doubt that Intelligent Scan is more comfortable with traditional ways in normal and routine use.

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