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Surface comparison with the iPad; Which is the best? | news

Surface comparison with the iPad; Which is the best?


Today, Microsoft unveiled Surface , a tablet that could become a rival for Apple . But what are the similarities and differences between Surfacing and iPad?

The 10-inch screen is a $ 400 tablet base and the main competitor is the 6th generation iPad with a 9.7-inch display .Of course, the Apple product is a bit cheaper; from $ 329.

The display

The Surfacio has a 10-inch display with a ratio of 3 to 2, and offers a resolution of 1,800 by 1,200 pixels. On the other hand, the iPad has a 1536-by-2048-pixel display with a ratio of 4 to 3. While the display has both good resolutions, the iPad’s display has a slightly .

ipad 6th generation-600×338
ipad 6th generation-600×338

Both tablets support pen. The supersonic pen provides up to 4096 pressure levels. The iPad also supports Apple Pennsylvania. Of course, you need to pay $ 99 for both.


The Surface button alone weighs 521 grams, making it slightly heavier than the iPad (469 grams for the Wi-Fi version and 478 grams for a version compatible with LTE telecommunications networks).

Processor and chipset

The processor, the 4415Y is the Intel Pentium Gold series, which runs on the queue of the Leak Wii (Seventh Generation) processor. On the other hand, the iPad uses the A10 Fusion chipset.

However, it’s time to wait until the Surface has been released to see if it will be able to run Windows applications well.

SurfaceGo Flat_575px-600×305
SurfaceGo Flat_575px-600×305


RAM and internal memory

You can choose between 64, 128 and 256 GB of internal storage. The first one is of the eMMC type, while the two capacities are higher than the type. On the iPad, you only have two choices: 32GB and 128GB.

Battery charge

The battery charge level is announced at 9 hours on Microsoft’s tablet, while it’s 10 hours for the iPad.

User experience

Surfacio is powered by Windows 10 and the iPad is powered by . This way they create a completely different user experience. But in the comfort of working with the device, Surface mounting thanks to a customizable base and the experience of using the mouse and keyboard on Windows seems to be more productive in many applications. In other words, if you are looking for a replacement for your laptop, Surface Pro is a better option than the iPad.

SurfaceGo Header-600×400
SurfaceGo Header-600×400

Additionally, it supports desktop application apps, which the iPad does not have with the iOS operating system. However, it should not be forgotten that apps that are developed for iOS are usually lighter and easier to handle than Windows desktop specifics.

In addition to the above, Surface has other features that make it a more versatile ; the Surface has , and thanks to the microSD card, memory cards Side-by-side, two of which the iPad does not have.


It’s more heavy, bigger and more intrusive, but it’s still a lightweight device that can give you full Windows experience.On the other hand, the iPad is a slim, elegant, and lightweight gadget that can fit for any media use, watching movies, listening to music or playing, yet it still can not handle many uses.

Lastly, let’s not forget that the LTE-compatible version is not yet available for sale, and only Wi-Fi version is available. On the other hand, the iPad comes in both models. Microsoft has promised to release this year.

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