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MIT Robotic Cheetah 3 goes over obstacles without a camera [watch] | news

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3 goes over obstacles without a camera [watch]

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3-595×412

The also has stairs without car visibility, and continues to face up to unexpected obstacles.

In recent years, major chip makers such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm have focused on providing -based machine vision, however, it’s sometimes better to robotic movements based on other capabilities than observation.

Based on this approach, the University has developed the so that it goes beyond the bounds of the environment around the stairs and other obstacles. MIT Associate Professor Sangbai Kim says:

The machine’s vision may be blurred, inaccurate, or completely inactive, and thus, the reliance on the robot’s ability to restrict it and its movements slow down. So we’ve tried to make the more based on artificial tactics and faster.

out operations in places that are dangerous to humans or out of reach. Kim says dangerous, unsafe or difficult activities can be safer and more robust with the robot, but robots may not look good in such places. For example, in the disaster of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the nuclear radiation of the robot camera was abandoned.

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3-920×613
MIT Robotic Cheetah 3-920×613

Instead of the camera, the team has equipped the Chita 3 with sensors and algorithms for detecting collisions and predictive control of the model, which allows the detection of three-dimensional body conditions, avoidance of collapse and resistance to external pressure. Slowly

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