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Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Security Problem! | news
Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Security Problem!

n the past months, researchers have discovered , including the Specter and Meltdown . A new security problem has been discovered that is related to Hyper-Threading technology. Continue reading this article with hardware .

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Security Problem

Recently, researchers at the   in Amsterdam have reportedly discovered a , which is due to Hyper-Threading technology. As stated above , unlike the Specter and Meltdown, this problem is a feature of Intel processors. According to what we already know, Intel has not released a security patch for this problem yet and has not announced the release of the patch.

, , is related to Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology. In fact, when this technology is activated, in general, each Core unit can run 2 threads or threads in parallel. These threads (crisp or threaded) within the Core resource pool, which include cache and buffer TLB (responsible for translating the virtual address to the physical), are shared among each other. Now, when two programs are running, one of the processing disciplines can be found in important information in another field. In fact,when two programs or threads are running on a Core unit, it is possible for one thread to spy on another thread, which is done by examining how to access another thread on the CPU’s private resources. Therefore, determining the contents of the RAM allocated to the program or thread is no longer possible.

The researchers say they were able to extract encrypted keys in another program through a TLBleed security flaw.

Experiments were conducted on a Core i7-6700K processor, up to 99.8% successful. On other processors, according to a report released this test has been successful. Additionally, , but this security issue is still very important. What is you comment about this article?

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