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How does google translate work? | news
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The Google Translator, first launched in April 2006 (April to April 85), now has over 500 million daily users worldwide and offers translation services in 103 languages. But how does the Google translator work?

This service is primarily based on statistical machine translation . Machine translation is a way of translating the text from one language into another language by the computer.Google Translator first translates the text into English as an interface language and then the English text in the final language. The word translation reference is actually provided by millions of documents by the United Nations and the European Parliament .

Unlike what is commonly thought, Google does not hire experts to compile comprehensive grammar for any native language that changes over time. The initial translation is inevitably incomplete, but it can provide a general idea of ​​the original text. However, we should not forget that Google Translator is not free of errors, and in any case, to translate psychological texts should go to human experts.

In November 2016 (from November to December 1995), Google announced the use of neural networks (computing systems and computing methods for machine learning ) for machine translation. In this way, it was possible to take advantage of deep learning strategies to compare all sentences with linguistic resources. This method provides more accurate translation.

As an example, the the link between Japanese and Korean languages ​​by comparing Japanese to English translation of a Korean to English translation. This method is a great advance in terms of semantic understanding by the computer. It can also understand metaphorical expressions and seemingly deceptive terms. Using such methods, the will improve on an ongoing basis.

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