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How do you know about crashes of websites (down)? | news

How do you know about crashes of websites (down)?

connection has time out-754×337

Failure and temporary problems, and the ability to communicate with some websites, are inevitably inevitable, even the biggest global service providers have been struggling with throughout their lives. In spite of the source of the problem, which may be related to many reasons such as server connectivity, incomplete coding, and so on, knowing the extent of the subject matter is significant in preventing waste of time and logistics to be addressed. The problem.

Imagine going to bed in the morning and building a website to visit your favorite news site, which has been collecting information several times a day from the content shared by it, but after a lot of loading, suddenly the Taiimut message on the page The content is displayed and the contents of the substrate are not displayed, is the relevant website just disabled or the problem is globally? Awareness of this issue can be very effective in increasing the speed of troubleshooting, because if the person who visits the website does not have access to the website, the percentage of the problem is steadily rising from his position and his patience to remove the barriers from the destination servers Or … not so useful (if the problem is related to the settings of the operating system, the browser software, or the device used by it and its extent has not increased to other situations such as the Internet Service Provider or …).

Undoubtedly, one of the easiest solutions available to know this is to change the device used (PC, smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) and connect to another network or provider, and then go back to the website to check the accuracy and It is correct, but this method can not be considered as an option when resources are scarce; hence the use of platforms for analyzing website failures and analyzing their disability either globally or individually can be very effective in such situations. Continue reading to get acquainted with one of my choicesJude deal.

For this purpose, first go to http://www.isitdownrightnow.com and then be patient to complete the loading process.

Now after the successful loading of the page, type the URL of the website you want in the address insertion box at the middle of the page, and then click the Check button.

website analyze vpncenter.co check-833×337


Now the address of the website is analyzed by using different types of addresses and different servers, and the output results in the form of a message to the user. The display of the “Website Name” is UP and reachable “green means that the corresponding platform is currently not suffering from any problems and is easily accessible, so the cause of the limitations to the individual and its available resources, such as personal computer, operating system, software settings The browser and … will be restored.

website analyze vpncenter.co check result good-715×337


In addition, the display of the phrase “Website Name” is DOWN “in red indicates a problem with the server side and the global one, in which case the individual can not be useful in order to fix the defects, and until the elimination of the limitations has to be made use of substrates The same goes.

website analyze check result bad-713×337
check result bad-713×337


The tool introduced in the current paper is easy to analyze and review the problems of websites, and informs users about its outputs with acceptable percentages, but the use of similar platforms like https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com is also quite It is possible and there is no need to trace the current step of the current instruction.

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