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Four tools for backing up Android on PC | news

Four tools for backing up Android on PC


For a moment, imagine that your Android phone has fallen out of hand and will not work anymore. It is then that you just understand that you have lost all of your great information that can not be returned at all.

It’s a nightmare that even hard thinking is hard to come to, as it really wants to happen in the real world. But this full-blown nightmare is very easy to do with backing up Android on the pc and no longer worrying about it.

There are many ways to do this, but in the following, we’ll refer to four of the best ways to back up any portable Android device on PC.

1) : A simple way to back up your photos


It’s no longer the case that we are always taking photos with our mobile phones. In many cases, photos are just the most important data we often have on our mobile devices. So, they should not be safe for them, and if left out and, as far as possible, they should constantly back up the images stored in the mobile storage.

Perhaps the best epic you can do is find Google Photos .Google Photos is a compact and functional application with good features. It has the ability to automatically back up and save photos to your Google account. So if you back up your photos with Google Photos, you can access them anyway by logging in to your Google account.

It’s easy to set up backup and sync images in Google Photos.Just go to the drop down menu and adjust its settings after opening the Google Photos window. By going to the control panel, you will see a section called Back up & sync . Log in and enable  .

After completing these steps, Google Photos will automatically retrieve and save any photos stored on your mobile storage and upload them to your Google account. Now if you install the app on your pc and enter it with your Google account, you can access all photos uploaded to Google Photos on the computer.

How to do this, even though it has its own complexity, is not so difficult. To get started, go to the Google Drive web version first and enter the settings by clicking the gear icon. Then select the  option to make your pictures folder in this cloud.

google drive
google drive

Now go to your computer and download and install Google Drive on it. By running Google Drive, Google asks you for a username and password. Enter your information to refer to the main software window.

Then click on the icon of the three points and click on the Preferences option. On the Google Drive tab, make sure you have the Google Photos folder and all the information is being synced with Pci.

google drive settings
google drive settings

The syncing process that has ended is that you see the Google Photos folder added to the folders on your computer and contains all the images you saved on the service space.

google drive2
google drive2

In general, Google Drive is a good service, and it makes a perfect connection between mobile and pc. In general, whatever you have on your mobile device, you can transfer Google Drive to any PC or mobile device you want to transfer, and thus effortlessly reduce the lengthy process of data transfer.

2) ROM Manager: A Suitable Tool for Mobile Phones

ROM Manager-335x596
ROM Manager-335×596

If you are one of the users who care about the settings and apps installed on your mobile device, the ROM Manager is anapplication that comes with an account. The ROM Manager takes almost anything from your mobile phone, so if you’re having trouble, you can back up all your data using a backup.

Interestingly, ROM Manager allows you to automatically save your backups on an SD card. In addition, the application also provides a file-connected file that allows downloading backups on the PC.

Using ROM Manager is one of the best ways to bring Android backups into PC. Unfortunately, everyone can not enjoy the good features of this application, and only those able to use the ROM Manager, which have rooted handsets.

3) Backup Your Mobile: An app for backing up apps and settings

Backup Mobile-335x596
Backup Mobile-335×596

Looking for a free app that is compatible with non-rooted phones? In this case, the best option you can back up your mobile data with is Backup Your Mobile . Backup Your Mobile has a simple, easy-to-understand interface, and you can use its extensive menus to get what you need to get your back up.

Interestingly, it is possible to sync backpacks with Backup Your Mobile and you can transfer your mobile support to your PC whenever you want.

4) WiFi FTP Server: Copy files wirelessly

WiFi FTP-335x596
WiFi FTP-335×596

In the end, we come in a way that is both interesting and different in its kind. Because you can back up your Wi-Fi FTP Server by installing Wi-Fi FTP Server and turning your phone into an FTP server.

This is a very strange and yet simple way, just click on the Start button to go all the way. Upon completion of this process, an IP address will be provided to you to connect to it via FTP.

Now, just go from your PC to your favorite FTP client and connect to the server supported by your mobile. By connecting to this server, all the information and files on your mobile will play in the FTP client window. So with this, you will not have to worry about downloading and transferring all the files stored on your mobile storage to your computer.

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