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An overview of the short and uplifting life of Alan Turing, the father of computer science | news
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Alan is a British , mathematician and philosopher who today is known as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. His outstanding achievements during his short life are the result of the adventures of a beautiful mind that eventually turned off with suspicious death forever.

Childhood in India

Len Mathison Turing was born on July 23, 1912 in London.He was the second child of and , who returned to the famous family in England.

Father Allen was a British government employee in southern India, where he met Ethel. Before Alan’s brilliance, the Turing family’s reputation owed much to their fishing skills.

On the other hand, her mother’s relatives had knowledge of hand-held science and the most famous of them was , who realized the connection between the atom and the electrically charged units (Electron).

coaching lessons from alan turing-600x375
coaching lessons from -600×375

Not only was Alan not only an example of genius, but also an impressive interest in education, where once he was forced to strike for 97 days on the first day of school, he spent the night at a guesthouse.

Elementary difficult education

Allen’s parents were reluctant to continue to study their children in India and, therefore, they were responsible for keeping them in a retired military couple in England. Allen and his brother had to study in various schools, who often did not respect the innovations and emphasized the teaching of literature and religious issues.

However, , and did not show much interest in other things, to the point where the director of the famous “Sherborne” school expresses this clearly by sending a letter to Julius:

Alan is educated while staying at a public school, but if he wants to become a scientist, he will waste time here.

In addition, his teachers told him that he would not go anywhere with these vague ideas.

However, he did not miss his interest in mathematics, and in 1927, even without studying computational computational methods, he solved complex problems. He even did a detailed study of Einstein’s theory of relativity, but high school officials did not allow him to use the name of the center in his studies because he was afraid of any other institution’s mockery.

Allen Turing BioGraph-600x338
Allen Turing BioGraph-600×338

He was introduced to another person, Christopher Morcom, at the same time, who also had a great interest in mathematics, but later died of infected milk and bovine tuberculosis. The loss of Morocco on the Allen religious beliefs left him unpredictable and pushed him to “materialism” and “atheism.”The contents of the letters he wrote to Morcom’s mother suggested that he was confronted with the question of how human thought is in the form of material? Here is where Alan’s life’s most important question arises in his mind: Can a machine be made to think?

College education

After finishing high school, Turing entered Cambridge College Kings University, which, despite the looser thought, had drawn a distinct boundary between applied and pure mathematics, the red line that Allen had never undergone.

Allan had a rather anxious personality in non-life, but was very brave and controversial in scientific debate. He studied at the center between 1931 and 1934, and his outstanding achievements brought him the first degree mathematics honorary medal.

In 1935 and at the age of 22, he was selected as a member of the college for proving the “central limit theory”; although university officials did not know that 13 years ago “Waldemar Lindberg” had proved this theory!

AlanTuring Bus-600x398
AlanTuring Bus-600×398

A year later, in a paper titled “On Counting Numbers”, Turing explained the general principles of the machine, which had extensive computing capability. This tool, later known as the Turing Machine, is the concept of the base of today’s computers. He sees this machine as a device that works with a number of distinct modes of tape as memory; the likeness of this machine to today’s computers is indisputable.

Over the next two years, Turing studied mathematics and mathematics at the Center for Advanced Studies at Princeton and, after receiving a Ph.D degree from Princeton University, returned to Cambridge to work at the UK Department of Fine Arts.

During World War II, Alan Turing was one of the best British decoding experts who mastered cracking German passwords.At this time, he collaborated with other experts to break the “Enigma” code designed by the Nazis to send encrypted messages.

In December 1940, he discovered the Navy Enigma Indicator System, which was mathematically much more complex than the other forces’ enigma. His activity at this center required collaboration with other forces, but Alan Turing had its own morale and is even known to have chained it to a bar because his stomach was not stolen.

harwell witch computer old 600x457
harwell witch computer old 600×457

His papers on decoding math techniques for the State Communications Center were so important that the Institute until April 2012 refused to deliver it to the British National Archives.

Turing moved to London in 1940 and worked at the National Laboratory of Physics. Her outstanding achievements in this period include the supervision of the “Automated Computing Engine” project and the initial design of computers that store program instructions in electronic memory. This initial model was used for many years by technology companies around the globe and transformed the original PCs.

In this period, he poses another important question: Can a machine make chess play ? In order to expand this topic, he pursued extensive studies in the field of biology, reaching the point that today’s specialists make in the neural networks of the world: creating artificial intelligence with the mind of a child and teaching it.

Alan Turing
Alan Turing

Benedict Cumberbatch in an episode of Immortality, nominated for Oscar nominee for Alan Turing

In 1950, Alan Turing, in an article titled “Calculating Machine and Intelligence,” dealt with the topic of artificial intelligence and designed the “Turing Test” as a standard for artificial intelligence, which left much influence over the coming decades. .

This year, he turned to another interest in his childhood biology, and thanks to the mastery of advanced mathematical science and its combination with biology methods, he also gained significant gains from this, which could be one of the earliest Examples of the application of numerical computations in biology.

Trying to take part in the Olympics

Another of Turing’s inherent talents is endurance sports. He had a lot of fun and ability in two marathons and pursued a series of regular exercises.

alan turing-kimdir-alan-turingin-hayati biyografisi fotograflar gelgez-600x338
alan turing-kimdir-alan-turingin-hayati biyografisi fotograflar gelgez-600×338

After winning numerous championships in his amateur competitions, he prepared for the 1948 Olympics, but timeless injury prevented the goal from being achieved. Alan Turing even managed to get one meeting faster than his friends using the public transport system.

Depression and suspicious death

In 1952, Turing was charged with illegitimate communication with a 19-year-old young man, Arnold Murray, who never bothered to defend or deny the charge.

Given the prominent role played by the defeat of Nazi forces and significant services in the development of court systems, he allowed him to choose between a long prison and injection of hormonal drugs, and he chose the latter.

One year of continuous injection of estrogen hormone has left a lot of changes on its body that ultimately leads to depression and depression. In addition, all security approvals and work permits were also denied to government decoding systems.

On June 8, 1954, while Alan Turing was no more than 41 years old, the housewife found her dead body in her bedroom.On the bed, he was found to be gas-stricken, whose infection with cyanide was confirmed.

Many attribute this death to Turing’s suicide as a result of depression, a problem that her mother never went through.

Appreciation after death

Like many other scholars and artists, Turing, as long as he lived, was not to be congratulated, but after his death, the value of his achievement was determined.

coaching lessons from alan turing-600x400
coaching lessons from alan turing-600×400

Among the memoirs, the numerous sculptures and monuments that were made to honor this prominent scientist, we only mention the following:

  • Foundation of the Turing Annual Prize, Equivalent to the Nobel Prize in Computing in 1966
  • Named one of the great streets of Manchester in 1994
  • Installation of a 1.5-ton statue in Bellchi Park in 2007

The Gordon Brown government has regretted the deal with the scientist in 2009, and the British Parliament has been forgiven for her charges after massive requests and the collection of thousands of signatures by Turing’s supporters in 2013.


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