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, : “.” This proverb means . But from the cinematic point of view, revenge should be served with a bit of creativity and cinematic intelligence. The revenge movie is one of the most exciting cinematic genres that you will not be unhappy with watching the killers and the watchers.

Revenge Films That No One Says About They-700 × 390
Revenge Films That No One Says About They-700 × 390

In these films, a person is harassed in any way, or one of his loved ones is killed unjustly, and the main person of the story is revenge. Although many films are made with this stereotype and duplicate story, but some of these films have some specialty and genius. Some of the best films in this genre, which undoubtedly must be a real and complete symbol of a revenge film, are ignored despite their charm and impeccability. In the sequel, we plan to introduce you to the 10 insanely reputable films that you should be aware of, if you are interested in this genre.


Blessed Lady (1973)-700 × 463
Blessed Lady (1973)

If you’ve seen a movie about a child who has been trained to become a brutal killer, this genre owes its back to the forgotten classics of Tuschia Fujita, titled “Lady Snowblood”, which narrates the story of a girl named Yuki. he does. He who is born in prison loses his mother at birth, but his mother wants his friends to die before his daughter grows his daughter so he can take revenge on his father and brother from a criminal group in the future.

This apparently very rebellious story seems very straightforward, but the “cool lady” completely defines this cinematic genre, and the scene of the battle of the bride and Oren Iishi in the first part “Kill Bill” should be fully inspired It’s a Japanese revenge film. Fujita’s film was made by Kazu Quiche on a manga, and the following year, a sequel called Lady Sleepwalk 2: Love Song of Vengeance was made.


Pointless (1967)
Pointless (1967)

When Lee Marvin played John Blumann in 1967 in Point Blank revenge, he did not know that this film would inspire revengeful stories in many Western film cinematic films. In this film, Marvin plays the role of Walker, a criminal who is abandoning his partner, believing that he is dead. Walker, however, survives and returns years later, and he takes a terrible reprisal.

He soon realizes that not only his share of money has been stolen, but his wife has also been taken by one of his subconscious friends, and then he realizes the cause of this man’s revenge and anger. He does not seek his share of money or retaliation for his wife, walker wants to take a hard and bloody revenge from those who took his life while breathing.


The Great Seylens (1968)
The Great Seylens (1968)

In the Western Spaghetti, The Great Silence, made by Sergio Courbacci, the professor of the genre, Jean-Louis Trinit-Genent, plays the role of Silent (Silent Man). He has seven guns that he does not speak and is hired by a widow named Pauline to take revenge on her husband. He is trying to kill a prize named Luke, who plays his role in the film Claus Kinski in the most beautiful way.

If actors and movie stories do not encourage you to watch it, you should know that many movie theaters consider this revenge to be one of the best spaghetti movies of cinema history. “The Great Silence” is a very emotional epic with perfect filming and directing that you will enjoy watching.


Blue Death (2013)
Blue Death (2013)

The latest movie, Blue Ruin, depicts the new and undeniable artist and director talent Jeremy Salineau in an exciting revenge trailer. The main character of the story is a man named Dwight, who finds that his assassin has been released from prison and is thus plotting to take revenge. But the story goes further than a simple, understandable revenge, and the lies and consequences of Dwight’s work and what makes this one become clear.

This revenge movie is so painful and disappointing that anyone may not be able to watch it, and although it is simply revengeful, it is different from all other films. The manner of directing the show and the commitment made by Micken Blair have made the movie “The Blue Devil” a perfectly different, revenge film.


The Virgin Fountain (1960)
The Virgin Fountain (1960)

Although the Virgin Spring film was the third non-English-language Oscars award for Ingram Bergman, he remained one of his most obscure films, which, of course, is unfortunate. This very painful revenge is accompanied by Bergman’s profound Philosophical style on human subjects. In this revenge, Max Won Seedo plays the role of Toure as beautiful as he is, the father of a family whose 14-year-old daughter was raped and killed after a horrific curse.

When, after a while, the girl murderers go to Toure’s house to spend the night, he launches a terrible revenge plan. In this film, Bergman places benevolence and altruism on Christianity against the intrinsic desire to take revenge and a revengeist drama which is unique in filmmaking history.

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