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Will the iPhone be non-hacked? | news

Will the iPhone be non-hacked?

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Apple has always dreamed of producing an intrinsic iPhone, but the realization of this dream was quicker after the hacking of an iPhone in 2015 by the US Federal Police. It looks like Apple finally managed to hack the iPhone.

In 2015, after the terrorist attacks in the United States, the FBI Apple has been asking Apple to unlock the iPhone’s one-of-a-kind terrorist device, which would likely contain important information about the nature of the attackers. Apple refused to respond to this request from the US Federal Police, and even after the court order was issued, it still did not want to unlock the iPhone. At the end of the day, the US police, with the help of a third-party company, managed to unlock the iPhone with a $ 1 million bonus.

On the other hand, Apple, who did not do this, is now upgrading the security level of the iPhones so that they do not even have the ability to lock them. But the FBI He also sought to find ways to access the intelligence of each smartphone, and in this way he collaborated with several companies.

These efforts eventually led to the invention of a device called GrayKey It has the ability to lock any iPhone phone regardless of the model and version of its operating system. The point is that the device uses security flaws in the iPhone, which Apple is not aware of. Even if you find these defects and provide updates to fix them, it’s still possible to find new methods of penetration by this and similar devices.

GrayKey Connected to the iPhone via the Lightning Port using the brute force method It will test all possible passwords for unlocking the phone and then all phone information will be available.

this device can hack any iphone via its lightning port
this device can hack any iphone via its lightning port

But Apple has provided a new feature in the iOS 12 operating system Without finding out for himself, the easiest way to prevent this device and devices from using the same method has been found.

iOS 12 It will have a new feature through which, if more than an hour has passed since the iPhone was locked, a USB connection It blocks it. This means that if someone steals an iPhone and wants to use it with GrayKey Influencing it will only have 60 minutes to connect and hack the iPhone.

If the iPhone is a strong password, it works for GrayKey It will be almost impossible. Because the more complex the password is, the device will spend more time to get there; if this takes more than an hour, the iPhone will automatically connect the USB connection And this device will be used unused.

Unless one is the only one, one of the most effective ways to hack an iPhone is that, and despite the fact that it’s possible to detect new security flaws, Apple has introduced iOS 12 It’s a big step to hack the iPhone or make an unobtrusive new iPhone.

Of course, it’s clear that US and other third-party policymakers will continue their efforts to discover new locking methods from iPhones, but if new methods are discovered, they may either have to process a total of less than 60 minutes or use a method Except for USB port Connect to mobile phone.

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