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Why and how do we disable Windows 10 Fast Startup? | news

Why and how do we disable Windows 10 Fast Startup?

Why and how do we disable Windows 10 Fast Startup

How to disable Windows 10 fast startupWhy and how do we

Fast startup feature For the first time, it comes with Windows 8, and today we also see it in Windows 10. This feature boosts system boot and most people are using it without notice. But there are people who disable this as soon as they have a new Windows device.

Fast startup What is?

Windows computers usually use a number of different commands and statuses in the energy management sector. For example, S0 Is when your computer is working and answering your commands. For Off, several different modes include: S1 , S2 And S3 There is. There is also a hybrid mode that comes with hibernate system while sleeping Activated.

Hibernate mode with S4 status Is known. When Hibernate looks, the system is completely off, but a file is saved by the system to continue its past activities when restarting. Due to the energy in some areas, the computer is ready to start with your return and just press a key on the keyboard.

S5 status When your system is off and no specific files are saved, and when you turn on the system, you will not see the activation of previous activity. In addition to the above, there is a G3 status There is also a computer that is completely off and there is no trace of energy in any of the computer parts.

When Fast Startup is enabled By pressing the Shut Down option It turns out that your computer is completely shut down; but in reality, the computer enters a state of hibernation between the two. A Hibernate file, but smaller than the file used in Hibernate, is saved. but why? In spite of saving this file, the next time you turn on the computer, you will not see the continuation of the previous activity because the operation of saving this file after the end of the log off It starts with saving the Windows kernel to the computer’s memory, which will increase the computer’s shutdown speed next time.

Does your computer really turn off?

While Fast Startup It is completely harmless to the computer and dramatically increases the speed of the HDD- equipped systems Some people prefer their computer after pressing Shut Down Really turn off.

If the pamphlet is a group of people who have previously disabled this feature, you probably need to deactivate it again. Because Microsoft is offering Fall Creators updates Fast startup feature Reactivated.

Why Fast Startup Disable?

Enable Fast Startup There is no particular risk to computers, but maybe you may want to disable it. One of the main reasons is the need to use Wake-on-Lan technology Enable Fast Startup when enabled Can not be active Another reason is the unwillingness to use Windows to save the file. In addition, some users have also released reports on whether fans are turning on or not using keyboard keys.

Additionally, you may have an SSD drive And do not need Fast Startup Do not have

How Fast Startup Feature Enable or disable?

  1. Right-click the starter option.
  2. Click Search click.

    fast startup disable windows 10
    windows 10
  3. Control Panel Type and press Enter Press.
  4. Click Power Options click.

    fast startup disable windows 10-02fast startup disable windows 10-02
    fast startup disable windows 10-02
  5. Choose what the power buttons do Choose.
  6. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable click.

    fast startup disable windows 10-03
    fast startup disable windows 10-03
  7. If you want to disable Fast startup You have to check the Turn on fast startup option Take away
  8. Click Save changes click.

    fast startup disable windows 10-04
    fast startup disable windows 10-04
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