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Who will be the first ruler of Mars | news
a Mission to Mars-800x450

Technology advancement has reached the level that is expected to be the first group of migrants to go to Mars next year, with the question of how the planet will be managed by some minds.

Ilan Mask announced on March 11, 2018, at the SXSW Festival, his determination to send the first interplanetary mission to Mars in the first half of 2019.

Although many masks are known for ambitious ideas, the founder of large companies such as Tesla, Solar City, SPISX and Boring Company not only has the financial and technical capability to achieve such a goal. But with the development of Falcon 9 and Falcon Hui several times, it has taken a significant step forward.

A vision of what ife n Mars and the Moon could look like has-600 × 457
A vision of what ife n Mars and the Moon could look like has-600 × 457

Ten years ago nobody was sure of the ability to , but human beings are about to conquer the Red Planet if the ideas of the mask come to fruition. However, the journey to Mars and even residence in it are only part of the issue, and the more important thing is how to form societies there, to determine the institutions of power and other organizations.

The idea of ​​a mask is based on the formation of a colony of millions of individuals on Mars, but before that, a group of bold people must possess the features necessary to test this massive project. The mask says about this mission:

This trip is far more dangerous for the protagonists than others. In fact, this adventure resembles the journey of the first people to the and equally with the difficulty and even the possibility of death.

On the other hand, even with an individualized standards such as Ilan Mask, the cost of $ 200,000 per person is very heavy.Of course, this is not all. Martian pioneers should build infrastructures for their lives instead of traveling on the planet, which will impose a lot of other costs on the planet.

If the first phase is successful, in the second wave of engineers, doctors, scientists and other professionals will go to neighboring countries to better assess Mars’s living conditions and improve living standards.

a Mission to Mars Pic-800x450
a Mission to Mars Pic-800×450

As the number of Mars residents grows, slowly, colonies are formed on the planet, which may not be similar to New York and Tokyo, but naturally, at that time, people would not be happy with a place like a mountainous stand and would be looking for more.

Keep in mind that all stages of the project are carried out by an American company under the leadership of an individual, Ilan Mask, who considers private organizations and freedom of action the greatest achievements of human civilization.

Space Race at Aix

Even Ilan Mask himself claims that other companies should also work with SpaceX to stay on Mars.

One of the potential rivals in this area is government space agencies that often suffer from a lack of funds and infrastructure. Many Western governments account for less than 25 percent of their tax revenues for space exploration.For example, NASA’s budget for 2017 is $ 19.3 billion, which includes half a percent of the federal budget of the United States.

Another rival in this area is China, with its outer space budget of $ 3 billion or 0.1 percent of the total budget, however, the boundary between Chinese private and public companies is always unclear, and this is precisely their budget estimates. It makes impossible, in other words, the real budget of the Chinese space program is probably more than $ 3 billion.

Comparison of the budget of NASA Mars-ESX- ESA Gravity Film and India
Comparison of the budget of NASA Mars, ESX, ESA, Gravity Film and India

This collection is not confined to the United States and China, and Russia, the European Union and, more recently, India are also actors in the space industry.

Russia is historically one of the claimants of space exploration, but in recent years, thanks to the limited spatial activity of the state, it has survived innovation. The country’s budget is heavily dependent on oil and gas, which is threatened by the emergence of renewable sources.

On the paper, the European Space Agency (ESA) will be the main competitor of NASA and SPACEX at the Mars Residential Project. The ESA consists of 22 EU member states that are responsible for European participation at the International Space Station, Mars Express or Rosetta Marshal’s orbiter.

While the US, Russia, China and the European Union are trying to send various shipments, India has just launched its orbiter for only $ 74 million. The cost of implementing this space mission is less than the budget for the “Gravity” film produced by Warner Company in 2013, which reflects the resources at the right price to serve the advancement of Indian space technology.

Do these countries share their resources and expertise for living on Mars, or choose, as in the nineteenth century Europe, each corner of the planet and choose a representative to oversee it?

Are these countries, like Earth, facing military and economic rivalry and pushing each other out? Ilan Mask says:

Most likely, the Mars state instead of pro-democracy will be a direct form in which the people’s vote will determine the solution to the problems. In my opinion, this kind of government is the best option because it minimizes corruption.

But how is the mask realistic about the type of government in Mars? Given the unpopular situation of human societies on a land that has been inhabited for millions of years, it seems that the CEO of Space X is influenced by his concerns about approaching the promised date. On the other hand, the recent success of SPEX is also the result of investing in institutions and individuals that might oppose him and pushing him to advance his goals.

Of these space rivals, many of them are already struggling across different regions. For example, Beijing and Washington have a massive military rivalry in a part of the Pacific, about three and a half million square kilometers, known as the “South China Sea.”

On the other hand, Beijing and New Delhi have long negotiated, but still in conflict, over a mountainous and harsh mountainous region, which India calls “Zanganan” and China, “South Tibet.” The image of governments that are struggling over non-fertile areas without specific resources to compete on Mars with a good-faith democratic government is far from mind.

In addition, even the governments behind the European Space Agency are disagreeing over the ownership of the Arctic regions, and recently Norway’s excavations in the area have been accompanied by dissatisfaction with other members.

Given the narrow view of these countries, the idea of ​​creating a stable and ideal democracy on Mars is very optimistic. Even if the mask is the most likely candidate to push humans to Mars, other power centers will probably quit him.

The history of the nations is one of the lessons of human mistakes regarding colonization and the creation of new societies, the lesson of which means repeating the past disasters. The solution to this is to create a society that does not seek to eliminate national, racial or religious diversity at all costs and prioritizes democratic criteria.

Residence on Mars may seem ambitious, but it is, in fact, an opportunity for the peaceful coexistence of human race with all colors and intellectual contexts within the framework of a modern society; otherwise, history has shown that fate is but an overwhelming conflict, war and generation. It will not be waiting for the Martian immigrants.

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