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This PS4 controller steals liberally from Xbox — but I still want one | news

This PS4 controller steals liberally from Xbox — but I still want one


Scuf’s Vantage controller packs in extra buttons like the Microsoft Elite, and it ain’t cheap.


The Scuf Vantage controller for .

In terms of high-end customizable gamepads, players have the . While the PlayStation 4 doesn’t have an equivalent controller, third-party accessory maker Scuf is trying to fill that gap.

Scuf just announced its Vantage controller for PS4, and it gives off heavy Microsoft Xbox Elite vibes (just look at those back paddle buttons). This behemoth packs in way more buttons than your standard controllers, with four back paddles, two extra programmable side buttons, and a touchpad you can tap to instantly mute your game. With all these extra buttons you get plenty of possibilities for remapping and customizing the — so you can’t blame your controller for your losses.

If you want the Scuf Vantage you’ll have to cough up some dough. It costs $170 (which converts to about £125 or AU$225) to buy the controller or $200 (about £150/AU$265) if you want the wireless option.

Pre-orders are open now with the controller shipping to the US and Canada in August 2018.

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