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The evolution of the car market and the recruitment of women's traffic police; the result of driving license issuance for Saudi women | news

The evolution of the car market and the recruitment of women’s traffic police; the result of driving license issuance for Saudi women


The has been one of the concerns of its citizens for years. It has been banned since its inception, and the ban has been in place for many years. Some members of the Shura Council have opposed the ban in these years, including citing that there are about one million foreign drivers in the country whose annual cost is more than $ 3 billion, and if this ban is lifted There is no need to hire foreign drivers. The Quran delegation of the Ulema of Saudi in 1990 issued a fatwa for driving women because of the opposition to the holy shrine of Haram, and despite some attempts to lift the ban, the efforts were not achieved due to opposition from the clerical authorities. .

In 2011, to protest a driving ban, and Menal Sharif was the first woman to drive publicly and broadcasted on the Internet.
On November 17, 2014, the Saudi Parliament introduced a plan to free women in the country, which claimed the condition of , over 30 years of age, heavy clothing and consent.
Malik Salman issued a decree on September 26, 2017, which allows women to obtain a driver’s license from June 2018 personally without the need to obtain a license from their legal guardian, and also do not require physical presence at the time of driving.
From Sunday 3rd June (June 24th), women who have been awarded a driving license will be allowed to drive on the streets and roads of various cities of the country.

Driving license for Saudi women-2
Driving license for Saudi women-2

At the same time, to work in this country. 40 police women received their graduation certificate on Thursday June 31.
One of the duties of the Saudi women’s police appears to be on the scene of the road accidents, which Saudi women drivers are one of the sides.
The official uniform of these women includes a dark daisy mantle with green headlands. Some of these women also cover their faces with scratching.
Tahani Al-Amiri is a 35-year-old woman who has been excited to start as a traffic adviser. He says: “At first there is fear, but at least the situation gets better and, God willing, this will be good for women.”
The central manager who teaches these women says it’s unclear how many female traffic police will be employed this year. “It depends on the amount of demand,” he adds.

Driving license for Saudi women-3
Driving license for Saudi women-3

Following the issuance of a decree by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive in the country in line with the Social Reform Program, many women were enrolled for certification.
Some Saudi women were already fined or imprisoned or prosecuted for driving, although last month they continued their arrests and some women’s rights activists, including those who fought for the right to drive women They were arrested in this kingdom, and some of them remain in custody.
Most of the people in the kingdom, especially the youth, support reform, but many are at the same time worried about rapid change, and they worry that such reforms would provoke anger on some religious conservatives.

Driving license for Saudi women-4
Driving license for Saudi women-4

When the Crown Prince issued an order to end the ban on women driving in September last year, he gave the government 9 months to provide women with driving conditions in the streets and roads of the country.
In this regard, the Saudi Ministry of Interior has launched a reopening of driving training centers and created conditions where women can turn the international driving license. The Saudi Ministry of Interior also co-operated with some private centers to train female policemen.
They also plan to set up temporary detention facilities to keep abusive female drivers, but currently they have dedicated juvenile correctional facilities.
The first driving license for women was issued on June 15, and the first women who received the certificate were among those who had previously been certified internationally.

Driving Saudi women and car market developments

Driving license for Saudi women-5
Driving license for Saudi women-5

Renault’s announcement for the draw of seven Renault Cappellers to suit the certification of Saudi women

In the Saudi car market, we are seeing developments that add up to 50 percent of the population to the target list of automotive customers. In the same vein, many automotive companies have launched various promotional campaigns in the past few months aimed at attracting female drivers, and Saudi women, who were more likely to be in passenger cars, are now more accurate than the characteristics Technical and welfare vehicles react because they want a better sense of their driving experience.

Driving license for Saudi women-6
Driving license for Saudi women-6

Of course, it’s a fact that in any country in the world, the choice of car is not directly related to gender, since almost all people, regardless of gender, tend to be attractive and beautiful cars, but in general, automakers are driven by the evolution of the market Saudi Arabia is happy and the market for driving classes is more than ever coin.


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