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Seven points that you might not know about the web version of the Watts app | news
web version of the Watts app-670×335

Using the web version of WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to work with this popular messenger on the computer. But if you know the seven points that we’re going to talk about, it’s more fun and easy to work with the Watts app on the computer.

1) Learn

whatsapp web keyboard-670x447
whatsapp web keyboard-670×447

To make it easier to use Watts on PC from something, it’s best to first learn how to use it. Keyboards for the web version of WhatsApp are:

  • Ctrl + N: Start a new chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + [: Next chat
  • Ctrl + Shift +]: previous chat
  • Ctrl + E: Chat archive
  • Ctrl + Shift + M: Chats chat
  • Ctrl + Backspace: Delete chat
  • Ctrl + Shift + U: Mark unread
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new group
  • Ctrl + P: Open personal profile


A chat without Omega, a chat is incomplete and has no specific meaning. But we all know that it’s not easy to use an amygdala with a mouse. But the web version of WhatsApp has an interesting feature that can be found through the keyboard, which makes it suitable for conversations.

Just add two dots (:) in the text box for chat, and then add the first letters that correspond to the English name of an omega.For example, typing ” thu: ” will give you the same results as the image below and you can access it at Uvij Sambazap.

whatsapp web emoji search thu
whatsapp web emoji search thu

To move somewhere between the results, just use the left and right keys on the keyboard and finally press the Inter to send the awesome one.


whatsapp web emoticonemoji
whatsapp web emoticonemoji

In addition to the method above, using some classic emoticons to some of the most popular spells. Simply remember the emoticons you see in the image above and use it while chatting to turn the Watts app into an ovum automatically.

4) Use multiple simultaneously on a computer

At the moment many users of Wattspeap are not satisfied with an account, and in many cases, we see people who have multiple accounts at the same time for different tasks. When people sit at their computers, they will have to work on both of their accounts at the same time to work on their work. So if you are one of these people, there are two ways ahead of you.

The first solution: The easiest way is to use two or more different browsers simultaneously and enter one of your accounts with each one. Of course, if you do not have two more accounts, you can also connect to your accounts using a browser. Just enter one of your accounts with a regular tab and open an Incognito tab or Private Window to connect to the second account.

The second solution: If you have two accounts and you want to connect to both of them through a browser, the second solution comes to your work. In this method, simply go to the web app and activate one of your accounts. Then just go to dyn.web.whatsapp.com in another tab and connect to your other account through it. The second website we mentioned in the text is basically a proxy from the web-based version of the WATSAP, and there is no security problem. So use it safely.


whatsapp we unread message
whatsapp we unread message

If you do not want the other party to understand that you read your message, it’s easy to get started on the phone by changing the settings of the Watts app. But in the web version, the case is completely different. However, it’s easy to do with a simple trick, so the other party does not understand you read your message.

To do this, when you are chatting, it’s easy to open another app (for example, a notepad). Then click and drag your mouse over the new window you opened. This will deceive your computer and thinks you are working with another software.

Meanwhile, the other party is still typing his messages and sending a series of new text to each interline he is sending.But since the computer thinks you are doing something else, the gray tiles do not send the message to the opposite side of the blue.

In this case, you can easily read the messages without the other party realizing this. Of course, it’s up to you, when you finally click on the watts window, the text reading reads to the person who is chatting with you, and those two blue tees take a long blue color.


whatsapp web watoolkit
whatsapp web watoolkit

To get Watts Apps notifications on the Chrome browser, you can easily install the WAToolkit plugin. Otherwise, any message you receive will notify WAToolkit, and you will no longer need to move between tabs to read messages continuously until you reach the web version of the WATSAP app.

More interestingly, WAToolkit fully displays the received messages in its annotations. This means using this plugin you can read messages without knowing the other party.

7) Increase the playback speed and audio volume of the audio files

whatsapp web multiple accounts
whatsapp web multiple accounts

Next to WAToolkit, there’s another plugin for the Watsapp app under the name Zapp . Installing this plugin will speed up the playback of audio files and increase their volume. So if you’re not bored with long audio, it’s best to add Zapp to the Chrome add-ons.

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