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PNY 512 GB memory card available for $ 350 | news

PNY 512 GB memory card available for $ 350


There are many options available for purchase on the market for high-quality microSDs, but there’s very little chance of finding 512 GB of cards.

In the same vein, PNY claims to have released the world’s largest memory sticks with the 512 gigabyte Elite microSDXC model.

PNY will showcase this at Computex 2018, but it’s unclear what the basis for claiming the world’s largest comes from, as there are currently several available memory cards available in the market for the various brands.

The memory card is fully compatible with the Class 10 and U1 standards, with a minimum write speed of 10MB / s, and according to PNY, this model can achieve a maximum speed of 90MB / s.

For example, this speed is about 10 megabytes more than the maximum speed available for a 512GB memory card, which is already offered by Integral Memory. At the PNY’s profile page, this card has been shown to have enough space to store 80 hours of Full HD video, over 100,000 18-megapixel images, and over 200,000 music. Of course, it should be noted that currently limited models of mobile phones in the market can support such a high capacity and the main purpose of the card is for use in sports cameras, DSLRs and shooting drills. PNY has set a massive $ 350 price tag for this memory card.

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