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Now you can add an Apple map to your website | news

Now you can add an Apple map to your website

apple maps

During the WWDC event that ended tomorrow, Apple did not forget its map and unveiled a big change for Apple Maps. According to the information provided, the Copernicus has provided the user with the ability to add Apple’s map to their website. The company said in an official statement:

MapKit JS brings the iPad to the web. The new javascript library lets you put interactive maps on virtual pages, complete maps that are connected to Apple’s Maps services and features features like the display of coordinates of a specific point.

Along with the features above, these maps also support touch screens, and developers also have the ability to add a specific area of ​​the map to the website. So users can look at different places and paths at that point. Do not Know MapKit JS is the new home directory of javascript, and Apple has achieved this with the help of this home book.

The WWDC began three days ago, and the most important event was the introduction of the iOS 12 release. Apple claims that the apps are 40 percent faster than the previous version of the app, and the speed of the keyboard has risen by up to 50 percent.

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