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Microsoft's $ 400 Surface tablet is on the way? | news
Microsoft Surface Pro-600x400

It is reported that is working on a cheaper $ 4200 smartphone, a tablet that has been featured this week at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

According to the FCC website, the referred to a low-power battery charger that seems to be related to a wormhole with a weaker and smaller hardware. However, no details have been posted on the tablet. The Bloomberg news agency has previously announced that that will have rounder edges and will be equipped with a charging port.

In addition, the new Surfs models are said to be lighter than the current Surface Pro, will use Intel processors and will be equipped with the full . On the other hand, it has been reported that Microsoft plans to ship a smaller version of its , while offering a , pen, and mouse cover.

Microsoft's $ 400 Surface tablet 2019 -680x450
Microsoft’s $ 400 2019 -680×450

Cheaper prices will mainly who do not want to pay extra for more powerful Surfs models.Earlier and in 3 years ago, a cheaper and smaller sample of Surface 3 to marketers targeting students.Of course, the production of this model has now been stopped.

Microsoft has not yet started working on a smaller version, and it’s unclear when drivers are going to unveil this cheaper product. Although the information seen in the FCC looks promising. However, as long as the products have not passed the tests and are not ready to be introduced, they usually do not list FCCs.

Maybe we’ll finally see the launch of Microsoft’s low-cost crunching before the school reopening season at the end of the summer.

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