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Learn how to set up the Home Page in the mobile version of Firefox | news

or or more software can have many effects when it comes to to content of interest.This important person takes the consumer from the necessity of re-accessing the site and typing the address after each time the browser executes the browser and loads it fully automatically in the context of his favorite. Imagine a person who has a lot of interest in pursuing a moment in the sports and soccer news and visits several times a day on his or her own website, but this does not automatically affect this important issue when opening browser software to speed up loading speeds. ? Come along with us to learn how to do this in a portable device platform (Android, iOS, etc.) platform. We software.

If you remember how to set up the page or in Windows , we’ve already done the writing, but since the instructions for doing so in the version based on smart devices, the program is slightly different and the changes The customization requires a different navigation in the interface, so it was decided to allocate something else specifically to familiarize with the educational process.

First open the and select the Settings option from the shortcut after clicking on the menu key in the upper right corner of the page.

mobile firefox settings menu
mobile firefox settings menu

Now, after viewing the settings page, go to the General category and then open the settings below the Home floor; the new page that appears generally resets the startup page or, as previously mentioned, the Home Page browser contains Firefox.

mobile firefox home category
mobile firefox home category

Now click on the Set a Homepage option to proceed with the instructions.

As you can see, the dialog box displayed contains two options, the first one, Firefox Home, by default. This important functionality adjusts the browser’s start page to display the startup page for Firefox when running, with its contents (recently visited websites, bookmarked pages, etc.) with respect to other values ​​of different settings. is.

Extension of the current workflow is based on the Custom option, so choose the option in the Set a Homepage dialog box.

Now insert new contents in the box, type the URL of the website you want, and then click OK.

mobile firefox homepage-2

The training process has now been completed successfully and the Firefox browser will load and display the pre-configured website URL as a start page in its upcoming performances.Unfortunately, the version based on smart mobile devices does not support the ability to insert multiple URLs as a startup page (unlike the desktop version), and this has only been analyzed to an address. If necessary, to change the website, it is enough to go through the current document steps and enter the new address in the Set a Homepage contents box.

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