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The characters featured in the Mortal Kombat movie-750×400

The list of characters featured in the Mortal Kombat movie

Two decades since the release of the latest Mortal Kombat film, the new episode has entered a new stage. Recently, a list of 17 characters to be featured in the movie will be published, which will be reviewed later. Cole Turner He is the main character of this film’s man. At thirty …

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3-595×412

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3 goes over obstacles without a camera [watch]

The Chita 3 also has stairs without car visibility, and continues to face up to unexpected obstacles. In recent years, major chip makers such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm have focused on providing robot-based machine vision, however, it’s sometimes better to robotic movements based on other capabilities than observation. Based on …

Samsung received the patent for the 3D camera

Samsung received the patent for the 3D camera

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently released documents indicating that the patent has handed over Samsung’s use of the 3D Face Detection Camera for mobile. Although Apple released last year’s technology through the Face ID system on the iPhone 5, however, the information available suggests that Samsung will file …

TV and Movies

5 Revenge Films That No One Says About They

In English, there is a saying about revenge that says: “Revenge is food that is better served cold.” This proverb means that revenge is better and more pleasing to not quickly develop and wait for some time to achieve it. But from the cinematic point of view, revenge should be served with …

TV and Movies

Avengers 4 : Infinity War – Part II: Release date, cast, plot and title rumors

Avengers: Infinity War – Part II Première: 3 mei 2019 Regisseurs: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo Bewerking van: De Vergelders Productiebedrijf: Marvel Studios Scenario: Jack Kirby, Stephen McFeely, Christopher Markus Think Avengers: Infinity War was intense? Marvel fans have a year to predict which beloved characters are taking the long dirt …