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Look at the gadgets of the soccer world on the pretext of the 2018 World Cup
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Look at the gadgets of the soccer world on the pretext of the 2018 World Cup

These days, the 2018 World Cup has turned the minds of the people of the world into sleep and food. The tournament, which is actually the most popular sporting event in the world, seeks billions of people every four years. Meanwhile, with the passage of time and technology advancement, this global …


Four tools for backing up Android on PC

For a moment, imagine that your Android phone has fallen out of hand and will not work anymore. It is then that you just understand that you have lost all of your great information that can not be returned at all. It’s a nightmare that even hard thinking is hard to …

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Take a look at the performance of the Intelligent Scan system on Samsung flagships

Adding a fingerprint sensor to smartphones a couple of years ago prevented users from entering the password to unlock the device. But now, with the face scanning method even becoming unnecessary, you do not even need to look for a fingerprint sensor, just lift the smartphone and place it in front …

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WhatsApp Introduces Sticker Reaction

Unlike the telegram, which provided users with the ability to use stickers from its earliest days, the WhatsApp does not yet have this feature. However, a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the presence of stickers in the WhatsApp, and now it seems that there is not much time left until the original …

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Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s openness, vows to fight election interference

The CEO told EU leaders that the social network would continue to allow for a range of political viewpoints while combating hate speech and bullying. Zuckerberg maintained that the right kind of regulation is crucial for both Facebook and future startups. On the latest stop of his apology tour in …