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web version of the Watts app-670×335

Seven points that you might not know about the web version of the Watts app

Using the web version of WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to work with this popular messenger on the computer. But if you know the seven points that we’re going to talk about, it’s more fun and easy to work with the Watts app on the computer. 1) Learn Watsapp …

What is 4G difference with LTE-800x450

What is 4G difference with LTE?

4G, LTE, LTE-A; these are only part of the commonly used words and phrases that are used in the technology field and, if you do not understand them correctly, they are meaningless and even meaningless. The difference between 4G and LTE is one of the simplest and most commonplace issues, …

How to use slow-motion video capture Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus-800 × 450

Time Battle: Ability to record ultra-slow videos in today’s flagship

Watching a slow-motion video is always attractive, even if it’s a scene of everyday life like blowing a balloon or pouring jam on a cake. So it’s not surprising that the world’s largest manufacturers have made it possible to record ultra-slow videos on their recent flagships. Of course, smartphones have long been …

Apple has ordered 2 to 4 million OLED display panels to LG-600 × 400

Apple has ordered 2 to 4 million OLED display panels to LG

Just like the iPhone X last year, the majority of Samsung X Plus’s next-generation iPhone displays are supposed to be part of Samsung. However, according to a recent Bloomberg news report, Apple has selected LG as its secondary supplier in an effort to reduce its reliance on Samsung. If you want …

The first Huawei 5G smartphone arrives by June 2019

The first Huawei 5G smartphone arrives by June 2019

Huawei did not hide the fact that he plans to bring 5G technology to the smartphone market as soon as possible. But the Chinese company recently took a step forward and announced the exact history of using this technology. According to Hearse CEO Eric Schouw, at the Shanghai Mobile World Congress, …

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Security Problem!

Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Security Problem!

n the past months, researchers have discovered security issues from Intel processors, including the Specter and Meltdown . A new security problem has been discovered that is related to Hyper-Threading technology. Continue reading this article with hardware . Recently, researchers at the Vrije Universiteit Systems and Security Group in Amsterdam have reportedly discovered a security hole in the …


Whatever you should know about the public beta on iOS 12

On June 4th, Apple released the iOS 12 trial version of software developers so they could get better with the new features of the operating system. In the meantime, if someone introduced himself to Apple as a developer, he could receive the beta of iOS 12 before. Apple today unveiled …


Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held with 100% renewable energy

ecently, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee has announced that the tournament is scheduled to take place using 100% renewable energy. In addition, the committee announced that using certain services, approximately 99% of the products of the tournament could be recycled or re-used. So if these promises come true, the cleanest Olympics …

TimCook Apple China-800x450
Sci Tech

The war is about the future of the iPhone; Tim Cook is inevitably a politician

Timothy Donald Cook, our own Cook team, maybe the most valuable leader in the world, but he has recently been forced to take on the role of a technologically advanced diplomat to keep his company away from the crackdown on trade between the United States and China. In this article, we …

google translate-800x450

How does google translate work?

The Google Translator, first launched in April 2006 (April to April 85), now has over 500 million daily users worldwide and offers translation services in 103 languages. But how does the Google translator work? This service is primarily based on statistical machine translation . Machine translation is a way of translating the text from …