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sony xperia side fingerprint-800x450

Why do companies ignore the best fingerprint sensor status?

Every mobile phone you get today from the economic category to the flagship, all have a fingerprint sensor in one part of the body (yes, exceptionally, like the iPhone X). The most popular places to put the fingerprint sensor or down is the display, or behind the phone, under the …


Microsoft Whiteboard app will soon be released for iOS

Microsoft Whiteboard app was released for Windows 10 some time ago, and it’s now coming to iOS and its Web site. Microsoft’s new product is a great tool for teamwork where members can simultaneously work on a project and organize their ideas. Whiteboard puts an empty digital page against you so …

A review of the life of the scientist Alan Turing-800x450

An overview of the short and uplifting life of Alan Turing, the father of computer science

Alan Turing is a British computer scientist, mathematician and philosopher who today is known as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. His outstanding achievements during his short life are the result of the adventures of a beautiful mind that eventually turned off with suspicious death forever. Childhood in India …

Dubai is the largest vertical farm in the world-600×380

Dubai makes the world’s largest vertical farm on an area of ​​1.2 hectares

Dubai officials plan to build the world’s largest vertical farm in the city, reducing their water consumption by their unique irrigation method. So far, such farms have been built in different cities to take the place of old warehouses and industrial buildings, to the beauty of the city, to clean …


Surface comparison with the iPad; Which is the best?

Today, Microsoft unveiled Surface , a tablet that could become a rival for Apple iPad. But what are the similarities and differences between Surfacing and iPad? The 10-inch screen is a $ 400 tablet base and the main competitor is the 6th generation iPad with a 9.7-inch display .Of course, the Apple product is a …

The evolution of NASA's astronaut clothing from the beginning and the next possible models-800×444

The evolution of NASA’s astronaut clothing from the beginning and the next possible models

As you know, the space outside the atmosphere of the Earth is empty, and if this does not stop humanity, other things like cosmic radiation will surely kill him. Consequently, the world’s space agencies, and at the forefront of them, have always sought to develop an appropriate and advanced astronaut to …

ios 12 beta 3 featured-600x338

The third beta of iOS 12 developers has been released [watch]

Apple released the third beta of iOS 12 developers a while ago. This beta release can now be downloaded for iPhones and iPads supported (from iPhone 5s / iPad mini 2 / iPod Touch 6th generation). The third beta of iOS 12 brings about some of the big changes to this operating system. …

Microsoft Surface Pro-600x400

Microsoft’s $ 400 Surface tablet is on the way?

It is reported that Microsoft is working on a cheaper $ 4200 smartphone, a tablet that has been featured this week at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to the FCC website, the FCC documents referred to a low-power battery charger that seems to be related to a wormhole with …

web version of the Watts app-670×335

Seven points that you might not know about the web version of the Watts app

Using the web version of WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to work with this popular messenger on the computer. But if you know the seven points that we’re going to talk about, it’s more fun and easy to work with the Watts app on the computer. 1) Learn Watsapp …

What is 4G difference with LTE-800x450

What is 4G difference with LTE?

4G, LTE, LTE-A; these are only part of the commonly used words and phrases that are used in the technology field and, if you do not understand them correctly, they are meaningless and even meaningless. The difference between 4G and LTE is one of the simplest and most commonplace issues, …