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The evolution of NASA's astronaut clothing from the beginning and the next possible models-800×444

The evolution of NASA’s astronaut clothing from the beginning and the next possible models

As you know, the space outside the atmosphere of the Earth is empty, and if this does not stop humanity, other things like cosmic radiation will surely kill him. Consequently, the world’s space agencies, and at the forefront of them, have always sought to develop an appropriate and advanced astronaut to …

How to download a video on YouTube for offline viewing-670×377

How to download a video on YouTube for offline viewing

YouTube is an application service that has many users around the world.YouTube is the place of the kind of video that one of us may expect, but it’s not always possible to watch the video online. Sometimes you may be in a situation where you do not have access to the …

Mozilla is developing a new Fenix rover for Android-674×400

Mozilla is developing a new Fenix rover for Android

browsers are very important today as the gateway to internet users entry into the Internet. Currently , twoChrome and Chrome browsers are among the most popular browsers among the users. Mozilla Corporation , which has long failed to get first place in the most popular browser, has recentlymade efforts to improve conditions. Quantum Firefox is a successful step in the company that enabledmany users to use Firefox. Mozilla on the Android operating system. The company plans to develop a web browser that will benamed after rumors of social networking like Reddit Fenix . The browser , which is in the early stages of design and development, will likely target young users andenthusiasts and technology area activists. The report notes that Firefox has had a Phoenix ( Fenix ) project since about four months ago but has notofficially entered the development phase until late June. The original version of Firefox web browser for the Android operating system has been downloaded about100 million times by Google Play. With this very high download number, this browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers. With the Mozilla Development ( Fenix ), the Mozilla seem to have a goal but to attract a typical audience.


Look at the first reader of history in a century ago

E-readers have been able to survive alongside tablets thanks to cheap, high-battery prices. But the idea of ​​a portable device that can read posts under a particular format is older than you might think. In principle, the original idea of ​​these devices should be searched about a century ago in 1920; in …

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3-595×412

MIT Robotic Cheetah 3 goes over obstacles without a camera [watch]

The Chita 3 also has stairs without car visibility, and continues to face up to unexpected obstacles. In recent years, major chip makers such as NVIDIA and Qualcomm have focused on providing robot-based machine vision, however, it’s sometimes better to robotic movements based on other capabilities than observation. Based on …

Samsung received the patent for the 3D camera

Samsung received the patent for the 3D camera

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently released documents indicating that the patent has handed over Samsung’s use of the 3D Face Detection Camera for mobile. Although Apple released last year’s technology through the Face ID system on the iPhone 5, however, the information available suggests that Samsung will file …


Compare Google Chrome’s popularity between desktop and mobile users

Google Chrome in the desktop area It’s not surprising that Google Chrome is the leading browser on the desktop, and the new information provided by StatCounter in June 2018 confirms its success. According to statistics, Google Chrome reached 66.87% of the desktop market last month, with Mozilla Firefox only 11.44% and …

ios 12 beta 3 featured-600x338

The third beta of iOS 12 developers has been released [watch]

Apple released the third beta of iOS 12 developers a while ago. This beta release can now be downloaded for iPhones and iPads supported (from iPhone 5s / iPad mini 2 / iPod Touch 6th generation). The third beta of iOS 12 brings about some of the big changes to this operating system. …

Microsoft Surface Pro-600x400

Microsoft’s $ 400 Surface tablet is on the way?

It is reported that Microsoft is working on a cheaper $ 4200 smartphone, a tablet that has been featured this week at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to the FCC website, the FCC documents referred to a low-power battery charger that seems to be related to a wormhole with …


Should it be necessary to replace the engine oil with the coming of summer?

Engine oil plays a crucial role in engine health. This vital fluid should be able to easily move around the internal parts of the engine in the ducts. By reducing or increasing the temperature, the resistance or, in other words, the softness and rigidity of the oil is affected; as a result, …