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network | news - Part 2

Four tools for backing up Android on PC

For a moment, imagine that your Android phone has fallen out of hand and will not work anymore. It is then that you just understand that you have lost all of your great information that can not be returned at all. It’s a nightmare that even hard thinking is hard to …

whatsapp stickers

WhatsApp Introduces Sticker Reaction

Unlike the telegram, which provided users with the ability to use stickers from its earliest days, the WhatsApp does not yet have this feature. However, a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the presence of stickers in the WhatsApp, and now it seems that there is not much time left until the original …


Ukraine is waiting for the attack of the VPNFilter; is it still in Russia?

Cisco announces that more than 500,000 routers and other VPNFilter-infected network equipment are ready to launch a massive cybercriminal operation and will likely target the Ukrainian Internet infrastructure. The Ukrainian Cyber ​​Security Authority also confirmed this and says there is evidence of Russia’s involvement in the attack. The Champions League final, …

VPNFilter malware

Vpn Filter Malware: Infect more than half a million routers with VPNFilter malware; Learn how to work and fix it.

In early June, Cisco announced that more than 500,000 routers and network equipment had been infected with the VPNFilter malware, it’s now clear that this malware that Russia has been developing is more dangerous than it was thought. Recently, researchers at the Cisco Security Team have said that the malware has affected …


Best free and public DNS servers of 2018-new

There are some very fast, commercial DNS that usually come with your ISP package. Also, there are anonymous DNS, public DNS but also free DNS servers, among other. Overall, there is a broad array of options for you to choose. We’ve rounded up the best web hosting services OpenDNS 1. OpenDNS …


Review: Icinga enterprise-grade, open-source network monitoring that scales

Icinga’s management software is well-documented, easy to install and has plenty of plug-ins, but could benefit from an easier install Continuing our quest for robust, enterprise-grade open source network monitoring, we tested Icinga Core 2 (version 2.8.1) and the stand-alone Icinga Web 2 interface. Created in 2009 as a fork …