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Wireless alliance: You might want to move some access points for Wi-Fi 6 – vpncenter

usinesses could find themselves repositioning wireless access points and even facing increased bandwidth demands as Wi-Fi 6 hits the market in the coming months, according to a white paper released today by the Wireless Broadband Alliance. Nevertheless, the news is mostly good for prospective business users. Thanks to Wi-Fi 6’s …

Google is cross-alert to the EU

Google is cross alert to the EU: Android may not stay free

The decision of the European Union to force Google to remove promising apps such as Chrome and Google’s search engine from Android mobile phones may eliminate the free business model of the operating system. Google’s CEO Sandar Pichay recently spoke in a recent blog post about the company’s decision to install …


Microsoft Whiteboard app will soon be released for iOS

Microsoft Whiteboard app was released for Windows 10 some time ago, and it’s now coming to iOS and its Web site. Microsoft’s new product is a great tool for teamwork where members can simultaneously work on a project and organize their ideas. Whiteboard puts an empty digital page against you so …


new version of Google Chrome browser and 10% more use of Rome is the cost of dealing with specter

The Google Grom’s Design Team recently released the 67th version of the browser’s security updates for all platforms, which caused changes to the program behind the scenes.These new changes have made these new changes to make users more aware of RAM. In fact, after installing a new security update, the …

Tim Berners-Lee, Father of the Internet

A review of the story of Tim Berners-Lee Father of the Internet

A review of the story of Tim Berners-Lee Father of the Internet   Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, known as Tim Berners-Lee, is the man who built the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee is a British computer scientist who has been able to view Web pages as “hypertext documents” through the Internet for …

connection has time out-754×337

How do you know about crashes of websites (down)?

Failure and temporary problems, and the ability to communicate with some websites, are inevitably inevitable, even the biggest global service providers have been struggling with throughout their lives. In spite of the source of the problem, which may be related to many reasons such as server connectivity, incomplete coding, and so …


Compare Google Chrome’s popularity between desktop and mobile users

Google Chrome in the desktop area It’s not surprising that Google Chrome is the leading browser on the desktop, and the new information provided by StatCounter in June 2018 confirms its success. According to statistics, Google Chrome reached 66.87% of the desktop market last month, with Mozilla Firefox only 11.44% and …

web version of the Watts app-670×335

Seven points that you might not know about the web version of the Watts app

Using the web version of WhatsApp is one of the easiest ways to work with this popular messenger on the computer. But if you know the seven points that we’re going to talk about, it’s more fun and easy to work with the Watts app on the computer. 1) Learn Watsapp …

What is 4G difference with LTE-800x450

What is 4G difference with LTE?

4G, LTE, LTE-A; these are only part of the commonly used words and phrases that are used in the technology field and, if you do not understand them correctly, they are meaningless and even meaningless. The difference between 4G and LTE is one of the simplest and most commonplace issues, …


Learn how to set up the Home Page in the mobile version of Firefox

Adding websites or websites of interest as a home page or more Home page Browser software can have many effects when it comes to speeding up access to content of interest.This important person takes the consumer from the necessity of re-accessing the site and typing the address after each time …