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Instagram gains new feature to help users read all posts on their Feed-600x400

How to disable the Instagram account?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and probably you are one of the most counted users. This application, which is based on sharing photos and videos, is now one of the most used social networks in the world. But for any reason, after any activity on this social …

connection has time out-754×337

How do you know about crashes of websites (down)?

Failure and temporary problems, and the ability to communicate with some websites, are inevitably inevitable, even the biggest global service providers have been struggling with throughout their lives. In spite of the source of the problem, which may be related to many reasons such as server connectivity, incomplete coding, and so …

How to download a video on YouTube for offline viewing-670×377

How to download a video on YouTube for offline viewing

YouTube is an application service that has many users around the world.YouTube is the place of the kind of video that one of us may expect, but it’s not always possible to watch the video online. Sometimes you may be in a situation where you do not have access to the …

fundamentals of smart search on Google-800x450

What are the fundamentals of smart search on Google?

Google manages billions of searches on a daily basis, but how many of them find exactly the same results that they were looking for? Definitely, it’s impossible to find the answer, but did you know that there are many tools and tricks that you can help you achieve better results while …


Should it be necessary to replace the engine oil with the coming of summer?

Engine oil plays a crucial role in engine health. This vital fluid should be able to easily move around the internal parts of the engine in the ducts. By reducing or increasing the temperature, the resistance or, in other words, the softness and rigidity of the oil is affected; as a result, …


Learn how to set up the Home Page in the mobile version of Firefox

Adding websites or websites of interest as a home page or more Home page Browser software can have many effects when it comes to speeding up access to content of interest.This important person takes the consumer from the necessity of re-accessing the site and typing the address after each time …

google translate-800x450

How does google translate work?

The Google Translator, first launched in April 2006 (April to April 85), now has over 500 million daily users worldwide and offers translation services in 103 languages. But how does the Google translator work? This service is primarily based on statistical machine translation . Machine translation is a way of translating the text from …


How to use the Refine Edge Photoshop tool?

In another series of Photoshop Tutorials, we went to the Refine Edge tool and we wanted to see how it could be done with a perfect fit. In general, the proper use of the Photoshop toolkit is the only way to work on the fine details of an image. Because tools such as …