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noro | news - Part 5

Ukraine is waiting for the attack of the VPNFilter; is it still in Russia?

Cisco announces that more than 500,000 routers and other VPNFilter-infected network equipment are ready to launch a massive cybercriminal operation and will likely target the Ukrainian Internet infrastructure. The Ukrainian Cyber ​​Security Authority also confirmed this and says there is evidence of Russia’s involvement in the attack. The Champions League final, …

VPNFilter malware

Vpn Filter Malware: Infect more than half a million routers with VPNFilter malware; Learn how to work and fix it.

In early June, Cisco announced that more than 500,000 routers and network equipment had been infected with the VPNFilter malware, it’s now clear that this malware that Russia has been developing is more dangerous than it was thought. Recently, researchers at the Cisco Security Team have said that the malware has affected …

iOS 12

Apple has unveiled iOS 12; get familiar with the features of this release

Apple officially unveiled iOS 12. The Apple Developers Conference, called WWDC, kicked off minutes ago in San Jose, California, and Craig Federigy, Apple Software Manager, unveiled the latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system. So far as you read the news, Apple has announced that all iOS 11-based devices …

apple maps

Now you can add an Apple map to your website

During the WWDC event that ended tomorrow, Apple did not forget its map and unveiled a big change for Apple Maps. According to the information provided, the Copernicus has provided the user with the ability to add Apple’s map to their website. The company said in an official statement: MapKit JS brings …

GIGABYTE displays its latest Z370 motherboard

GIGABYTE displays its latest Z370 motherboard with Optane memory + proprietary images

GIGABYTE at this year’s Computex showcases its newest Z370 motherboards with an Intel 32GB Optane memory that can not only eliminate the need for SSD but also improve overall system performance. The latest GIGABYTE motherboards for Intel processors are all based on the Z370 flagship chipset, yet they are not …

The probability of a new series of NVIDIA graphics cards coming this summer

The probability of a new series of NVIDIA graphics cards coming this summer

If you keep in mind, we’ve been talking about a new series of NVIDIA graphics cards this summer . But despite the disappointing response of Nvidia’s CEOduring yesterday’s meeting, whispers of the release of the GTX 1180 graphics card Begins on July 30th. According to tweaktown And contrary to the previous statement, NVIDIA’s new NVIDIA graphics will be unveiled …


Will the iPhone be non-hacked?

Apple has always dreamed of producing an intrinsic iPhone, but the realization of this dream was quicker after the hacking of an iPhone in 2015 by the US Federal Police. It looks like Apple finally managed to hack the iPhone. In 2015, after the terrorist attacks in the United States, the FBI Apple …

Why and how do we disable Windows 10 Fast Startup

Why and how do we disable Windows 10 Fast Startup?

How to disable Windows 10 fast startupWhy and how do we disable Windows 10 Fast Startup Fast startup feature For the first time, it comes with Windows 8, and today we also see it in Windows 10. This feature boosts system boot and most people are using it without notice. But there are people …


PNY 512 GB memory card available for $ 350

PNY 512 GB memory card There are many options available for purchase on the market for high-quality microSDs, but there’s very little chance of finding 512 GB of cards. In the same vein, PNY claims to have released the world’s largest memory sticks with the 512 gigabyte Elite microSDXC model. …


Best free and public DNS servers of 2018-new

There are some very fast, commercial DNS that usually come with your ISP package. Also, there are anonymous DNS, public DNS but also free DNS servers, among other. Overall, there is a broad array of options for you to choose. We’ve rounded up the best web hosting services OpenDNS 1. OpenDNS …