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June, 2018 | news - Part 2

The 10 countries that have the most destitute and weakest units in the world

Do you know the world’s least valuable and weakest units of money? These days the economic problems and the depreciation of the riyal against the dollar have endangered the lives and economies of the Iranian people. Dollar and gold prices drop out of control and due to the ever-increasing influx of people …

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The war is about the future of the iPhone; Tim Cook is inevitably a politician

Timothy Donald Cook, our own Cook team, maybe the most valuable leader in the world, but he has recently been forced to take on the role of a technologically advanced diplomat to keep his company away from the crackdown on trade between the United States and China. In this article, we …

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Check out Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn; Shakil O’Neal is the dragon leg The best bad year game ?!

Review of the game Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn shows that the sequel to one of the worst video games in history is not so awful and takes lessons from his father. Let’s go back to 1994, Michael had fallen out of the heat of the basketball world, replacing someone called …


The evolution of the car market and the recruitment of women’s traffic police; the result of driving license issuance for Saudi women

The driving of Saudi women has been one of the concerns of its citizens for years. It has been banned since its inception, and the ban has been in place for many years. Some members of the Shura Council have opposed the ban in these years, including citing that there are about …

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How does google translate work?

The Google Translator, first launched in April 2006 (April to April 85), now has over 500 million daily users worldwide and offers translation services in 103 languages. But how does the Google translator work? This service is primarily based on statistical machine translation . Machine translation is a way of translating the text from …


How to use the Refine Edge Photoshop tool?

In another series of Photoshop Tutorials, we went to the Refine Edge tool and we wanted to see how it could be done with a perfect fit. In general, the proper use of the Photoshop toolkit is the only way to work on the fine details of an image. Because tools such as …

Look at the gadgets of the soccer world on the pretext of the 2018 World Cup
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Look at the gadgets of the soccer world on the pretext of the 2018 World Cup

These days, the 2018 World Cup has turned the minds of the people of the world into sleep and food. The tournament, which is actually the most popular sporting event in the world, seeks billions of people every four years. Meanwhile, with the passage of time and technology advancement, this global …


Four tools for backing up Android on PC

For a moment, imagine that your Android phone has fallen out of hand and will not work anymore. It is then that you just understand that you have lost all of your great information that can not be returned at all. It’s a nightmare that even hard thinking is hard to …

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Take a look at the performance of the Intelligent Scan system on Samsung flagships

Adding a fingerprint sensor to smartphones a couple of years ago prevented users from entering the password to unlock the device. But now, with the face scanning method even becoming unnecessary, you do not even need to look for a fingerprint sensor, just lift the smartphone and place it in front …

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WhatsApp Introduces Sticker Reaction

Unlike the telegram, which provided users with the ability to use stickers from its earliest days, the WhatsApp does not yet have this feature. However, a few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the presence of stickers in the WhatsApp, and now it seems that there is not much time left until the original …