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May, 2018 | news - Part 2
Tech Industry

Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s openness, vows to fight election interference

The CEO told EU leaders that the social network would continue to allow for a range of political viewpoints while combating hate speech and bullying. Zuckerberg maintained that the right kind of regulation is crucial for both Facebook and future startups. On the latest stop of his apology tour in …


Free frags: grab Unreal Gold for free today to celebrate the game’s 20th anniversary

The classic shooter Unreal is 20 years old today, so Fortnite developer Epic is giving it away for free. Game developer and publisher Epic may be best known today for the colossal hit Fortnite, but the company is also responsible for one of the most influential PC games of all …

Sci Tech

Going off-grid: How remote towns are taking back the power

Tired of volatile energy prices and major blackouts, Australian communities are ditching big electricity companies and taking power into their own hands. This is part of “Fight The Power”, a series about the people, organisations and countries transforming the way we think about energy for the better. When I first …

Easy mobile security the Faraday way

Easy mobile security the Faraday way

Have you heard about those special bags, cases and wallets that protect your electronics from hack attacks? It’s a signal-blocking container, basically a tinfoil hat for your gadget. Tinfoil hats are associated with conspiracy theorists concerned about secret government mind-control programs. But when it comes to your wireless gadgets, they …